Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Helping a friend in need, what a Novel Thought

Life has a way of putting opportunities in your path to help other people. It can be something big or something small, something obvious or something where it’s easy to overlook, but in the end, if you are offered an opportunity to help, then what’s holding you back?

In the last couple of months, I’ve done my best to help a lot of people and a lot of causes although I always try to help in some way, shape, or form. In other years, it’s been supporting causes like Surf Aid, the American Cancer Society, St Jude’s Children Hospital (a cause I supported again this year) among others, but it’s also been about individual causes, namely people fighting cancer or some other illness that could definitely use those $20 you would splurge on something you don’t really need.

During the last couple of months, I’ve made many efforts in support of my home of Puerto Rico and other places that are reeling after natural disasters or manmade atrocities. It’s been a rough year but it’s definitely reinforced my belief that we’re in this together and that if we stick together, we can make it, regardless of nature, or government, or any tragedy. There have been plenty of call to actions and I’ll keep sharing because if I can help and something in me says “help”, then who am I to deny that voice?

Recently I did efforts in support of #Humans4PuertoRico and that’s actually still going on. Basically anything I earn off any of my 10 published books before the end of the year will go to a reputable cause on the Island. Here’s the thing, this effort is actually part of a larger effort I’ll be supporting for the rest of my life under the banner of #Humans4Humans. On this occasion, there’s an individual who has fallen under tough times and two friends of her who know her from the #BookTube community on YouTube have organized an effort in support. They did this out of their own volition and I’m doing this effort without needing anyone to ask me for anything. It’s my way of supporting #ThoughtsAndAction because too often we want to help but remain in the realm of thought.

So here’s the proposition, donate any dollar amount to the GoFundme page found here and share the campaign tagging me and you’ll get one free eBook and an MP3 track if you want. The track in question is an original track I recorded last year at a studio in Puerto Rico and it’s just me on a guitar. It’s nothing massive, but it’s mine to give and if it’ll inspire one person to give and help another person, then why the hell not offer it? The Track is “The Rain” and if you want to hear the song, you can check out a live version I recorded a while back down below.

Hope your Holiday Season is a beautiful one and my best to you always.

Peace, love, and maki rolls

Ps.: Here's the track