Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Here today…

Yesterday I learned that a fellow member of the indie community took his life last week. Although I’ve known of people who have committed suicide, this is the most I’ve known someone and if it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it, I can’t imagine people who were close to him and his family. 


This is a post with me trying to sort what I feel about someone whom I knew and who is now gone. The fact is that although I liked him, we weren’t that close. My inbox was always open if he wanted to chat and we kept in touch, though it was far from being joined at the hip. Even so, I find it extremely upsetting because I don’t think anyone deserves to feel that way or reach that point, yet it happens way more often than it should. He had talent, wit, and could definitely be intense, though my experience with him was always positive and as I mentioned before, I liked the guy.


Different people will respond to a situation like this with anger, sadness, frustration, and a variety of feelings. Some will hurt because they might feel they didn’t reach out in time or didn’t do enough to help. Some will want to punch a wall and say he was selfish. Some will be left wondering what the hell happened. People will also speculate over what led to him taking that action. All of these are understandable responses yet none will bring him back and nothing anyone says or does from now on can bring back any person who has passed away. 


He was here one moment…and the next he was gone. 


But today is here and if you’re reading this, you’re here today and can pick to be here tomorrow. Mental health is a fragile thing. Especially during these times. This blog and writing in general have helped me sort through some tough situations in life. Music also helps, as does exercise, as does doing a variety of things in the pursuit of happiness and the attempt at balance. But I have had to ask for help before and didn’t think twice about it. Pride could have gotten in the way, but there’s a time and a place for pride, and when you’re struggling, that is a time to set pride aside and forget concepts like shame or embarrassment. If you need help, ask for help. If one door doesn’t open, go to another, and another, and another, and as many as you need. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it won’t hurt. I’m not saying it’ll make sense and all will be wonderful. But you’ll still have a chance to find another smile, make a difference, and find meaning.


Some people lose touch with their meaning, their purpose, and even their will to live. Judging these people won’t bring them back, make you stronger, or superior. Some people will offer a shoulder to cry on, some people will do their best to offer to help, or help them get help. Sometimes it’ll make the difference and it’ll work and we’ll avoid a sad loss…other times it won’t. 


Last week, a lot of people lost someone they cared about. For a lot of people, someone is gone…but we aren’t. 


We’re here today…and that being the case, we can call or write someone we love, help someone out, or ask for help. Too often pride gets in the way of that and we should never feel ashamed to ask for help if we need to. 


The number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255 / 1-800-273-TALK. If you need it, use it. Talk. If you need help, ask for help, by any means. You can feel embarrassed later and we can talk about it over a cup of coffee or tea. No harm, no foul. 


So be kind to yourself


Be kind to others


And here’s to today…


So we can enjoy tomorrow.


Peace, love, and maki rolls

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Writer Wednesday: David Hernández

It’s not every day you read something that feels pretty different most of the way through, though that’s what happened when I read Outlanders Book 1: Malefactor. It’s a curious piece of fiction where there’s a novel, some sections that are fully illustrated, and sections where it’s the dialogue between two people who are observing the entire narrative or are involved with several parts of it. I’m not saying it’s the best novel I’ve ever read and I won’t say it couldn’t use a bit of polish. What I will say is that I’ve never read anything like it, the thought behind it is as unique as the author, and that it takes balls to take on a project like this. I can also say I really enjoyed it :D


In looking for my next interview, I realized that on the week where Go Indie Now has its premiere with the first ever All-Puerto Rican panel, I hadn’t interviewed David Hernández. So what better time than now to sit down for a chat?


Hey, David. So happy to have you on the blog. Although I’ve read you and we’ve chatted, readers here haven’t had the pleasure. So why not start off by telling us who you are and what you’ve worked on?


First and foremost, thank you for having me here! It's always a pleasure to talk to you. For all who are currently reading us, it's a joy for me to meet your acquaintance! I'm an independent writer from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, who primarily worked on comic books but decided to take some of my self-published creator-owned characters and translate them into a different medium as best as possible. As you stated, Outlanders: Malefactor, The First Of The Fallen, is just the first volume in a trilogy. Currently, I'm working on the third and final volume of the aforementioned.


It’s a fascinating project indeed and definitely takes a varied skillset to tackle. Part of your background is with comics, which is way more challenging than most people give it credit. What are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your background?


A lack of proper guidance will teach you what not to do in any given situation. That's been the case for most of my life. There was a time in the late '90s when I worked with some great talent, but we didn't have the tools to take our creative efforts to print to be published. Most of the printing companies on the island had never worked with a comic format before. Odd considering that comic books had been around here for decades. So, most of the print samples sat around on a shelf of my closet, gathering dust for years until a friend introduced us to an online company that printed comics on the go. A little over a decade later, those pages finally saw publication. Most people think that the hard part of creating a comic book is the creative process, and in my experience, it is not. It's marketing, promotion, distribution, etc. In our first year, the creative team and I traveled to every comic book, manga, or comic-related event on the island. By the second year, the list of events to promote and sell our titles was much shorter.


That happens and there are plenty of challenges all around and for all sorts of creators. Being from Puerto Rico, we’re often described as a cultural crossroads and your book definitely lands in the category of a crossroads of topics, genres, mediums, and styles? What are some of the influences behind Outlanders?


Malefactor, The First of The Fallen, is my first experience undertaking a work of this magnitude. When I first started to flesh out the story, I wanted two things: an origin for the antagonist and to create a whole universe that I could expand into other books. However, the creative process took a turn of its own. The intended protagonist, who was the book's main antagonist, took a backseat to make a more cohesive story. There is one thing that I always ask myself when I'm about to write something of my own or someone else's characters, what the purpose of this story is? Aside from the characters' traits and how the environment affects their decision-making process, there are quintessential aspects, such as the social hierarchy and the human condition, which are inherently found in every story. All the divisive nuances that humankind tends to turn into this massive brick wall are present there. Pettiness, cruelty, and hubris are traits belonging to imperfect characters, and yet throughout our history, we see them as part of deities that some people worship. I have a very unorthodox approach to writing; I wouldn't say I like to box myself into a specific genre. I am mindful enough to see that the story does not derail from its intended purpose, but I will not refrain from entering into a subgenre if it shakes up the story. For example, Malefactor, The First of The Fallen, is a supernatural book with a philosophical approach to it. However, there are some messed-up things that some may consider belonging to a horror story. If I were to describe it to you at gunpoint, I would say that it takes place in an alternative universe, and the pace of the story goes from philosophical, to tension, to horror, dark comedy, and circles back around to informative.


Wow, that’s a pretty deep answer, so how about a curious and potentially deep question. All your characters are in a chess tournament…who makes it to the finals and who wins?


Everything comes to an end. I have suffered enough loss to understand that no one is everlasting. Some characters have roles in other books, but that does not mean they will come out on top every time. The progress of the story dictates who stays and who goes. It's chaotically fun to figure the fates of characters as you write along.


Sheesh!! That’s intense though on point when it comes to the story. Actually, you also designed the artwork for Malefactor. How long did this project take and which part was more challenging?


I do not consider myself an artist; I drew the images out of necessity because I lacked the monetary resources to hire a professional. When you write comic books, you present the plot to the artist, and if you had worked enough time with whoever is drawing the book, you expect that person to carry most of the weight of the storytelling, seeing as it is, for the most part, a visual medium. When you get the artwork back, you work on your dialogue according to whatever is happening on the panel. One of the things you avoid is to describe what the artist already drew. The dialogue serves as a way to convey things that are not in the scene. Writers accustomed to this type of narrative often develop this handicap when it comes to descriptive writing. For me, at least, it was an uphill battle when it came to wording the scene in a tone that didn't feel monotonous.


Interesting perspective. Also, we often include a lot of who and how we are in our work. What parts of David made it into this work?


God, hopefully, none! (lol) I'm a goofball that often likes to make people smile, especially if they are not having such a great day. I will be the first to admit that there are nonsensical theories and whatnot in the back of one's head that surface once you enter the writing state. However, all my characters have traits of people I know. So there is very little of David in my books.


Hahaha, hey we write what we know. Also, there is a lot of philosophical questioning in this work. What influenced this and what have readers told you they’ve gotten from the work?


I think there is a general consensus that we are not living in the best environment, which is deeply rooted in how we have chosen to live our lives. Unbeknownst to us, at birth, some choices have already been taken for us before we take our first breath. Your creed and values are a result of your social environment. For some, it is not until you venture outside of those walls that you have access to a plethora of information that was unattainable before. Some stay firmly believing in what they have been indoctrinated to think— taking assertive action against those who dare to think otherwise. Others see the opportunity for a better way of living and are met with strong opposition from their social nucleus. 


The feedback I get changes from person to person. I wrote the book to be open to interpretation to invoke discussion among those who read it. Some see characters in a different light than others. Others merge characters as one, some miss clues that are crucial to link the identity of one character to another, and so on. I think it’s all fun. There is no wrong answer here—some who have re-read the book tell me that they always find something new and unexpected.


Huh, curious and might have to go for a re-read as well. Anywho, here’s a random Q for you. We all have our own version of breakfast of champions…but what would an OUTLANDERS Breakfast of Champions look and taste like?


LOL! It depends on what character you ask. I think Daystar will have an abundant feast of the most ridiculously extravagant delicacies from across the universe, eating only a handful and relishing on the look of starvation of her servants as the food inevitably rots. Depending on what state of mind the Traveler is in, he very well may eat from the most delicate fruit to a half-eaten candy bar found on the floor. Malefactor will have his very own breakfast place where he will pose as a busser, the waiter, the cook, and the unseen critter roaming through underneath the tables. All those characters’ portrait at once, just to see the behavior of each of the visiting patrons, and finally to see their reaction as each dies in a gloriously unique way. We will have death by ballooning up someone and having pancake batter flood out of his every orifice until they burst. Strips of bacon oinking while strangling someone. Malefactor will bring a bottle of Miss Butterworth to come to life and sit on someone's face drowning that poor fool in syrup, and so on.


HA!!! Now that’s not an answer I expected. Anyways, how’s book 2 coming along and what other projects are on the horizon for you?


It's been a slow process. In terms of storytelling, this time is contained to a single planet. Many things are happening that will connect at a single outcome. The characters’ backgrounds will be treated as unique individual story arcs; however, at some point, each character will cross paths with each other. This world is rich in terms of historical and cultural background. The vernacular used in this book, however, will be more straightforward. There's going to be a lot of action and intrigue in this one.


Can’t wait to have a chance to read it, my friend. So kind of you for stopping by the blog and now, all that’s left is to share where people can further connect with you, my friend.


Thanks for the opportunity!


Link for the book in Amazon




You can find out more about my books @


Instagram @dghg_creations


There is a collector’s edition, not found anywhere else, The crate box. This includes a signed edition, a bookmark, a holographic sticker and a certificate of authenticity. You can inbox me at Facebook and Instagram.


A link to a short film "Outlanders: Malefactor, The First Of The Fallen" ©

Directed and edited by Carlos Mario Boscio.

Written by David G. Hernandez

Music by René G. Boscio



A book trailer in  video for the book



You can also find me at

Instagram: @bmoviescenter]



And there you have it, dear frands. David’s a cool and I highly recommend giving him a follow to try and keep up with what he throws your way. Be prepared though, it’s an intense ride. Anyways, til next we chat and hang out in words.


Peace, love, and maki rolls



Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Go Indie Now se Pone Boricua

Por años he tenido el placer de contribuir al canal de Go Indie Now. Hace años conecté con su creador Joe Compton y es de las amistades que más valoro de mi c
arrera de escritor. He visto gente fajona y que le mete y Joe está en una clase de por sí solo. Es buen tipo, apoya todo creador independiente, promueve y le abre foro a creadores no importa en el nivel en donde estén en su carrera. ¿Estás establecid@ como autor, músico o cualquier ámbito artístico? ¿Eres novato? No importa. Lo que importa es que tengas pasión. 

Cuando le sugerí que hiciéramos un show con un panel enteramente boricua, dijo ¡claro que sí! Así que este domingo 5 de septiembre, tenemos nuestro primer show en Go Indie Now y les quería hablar un poco de los panelistas y lo que estaremos hablando. Aunque el show será en inglés, estaremos hablando sobre la cultura de escritura y para este show desde la perspectiva como autores puertorriqueños. 


Sobre los participantes:


Joe Compton

Corre el canal de Go Indie Now y lleva varios años promoviendo el arte de creadores independientes, moderando paneles, haciendo entrevistas en línea y presenciales y de verdad que impresiona la cantidad de entrevistas que ya tiene bajo el canal y las que vienen por ahí. Además de eso, ha publicado dos libros de crimen titulados Amongst the Killing y We the Moral Majority. 


Ángel Isián

Co-fundador de Libros Eikon, Ángel es el autor de El cuco te va a comer y junto a su compañero, el autor e ilustrador Melvin Rodríguez, corren Libros Eikon que ya ha publicado no uno sino dos colecciones de cuentos de horror puertorriqueño bajo el título de No Cierres los Ojos (libro 1 - libro 2). También publicó una colección de poesía titulada La Casa de Los Espejos y es de los autores que más está impulsando el género de horror desde la Isla hacia el mundo. 



Maricel Jiménez


Autora de la serie de fantasía juvenil The Adventures of Pixie Piper/Las Aventuras de Pixie Piper que ya va por su tercer libro, su pasión por escribir historias simpáticas con buenos mensajes está ahí ahí con su amor por la arquería. Además de esta serie, también ha publicado una colección titulada La gran muralla de la Ciudad Corazón y escribe en su blog Unsuccessful Attempts at Brain Silence.


David Hernández


Autor de la serie de Outlanders, ha publicado el primer libro bajo esta serie y titulado Malefactor, una obra híbrida que me estuvo súper interesante, a veces un cómic, otras veces una novela, y siempre una lectura que reta a su lector. Originalmente inspirada por una serie de cómics que escribió , la serie de Outlanders a menudo lleva al lector a territorios nuevos y en mi reseña lo describí como una combinación entre Nietzsche y el Silver Surfer.


Por último, está Eteketakí, su servidor y espero ser su agente 000 Bananas favorito. 

JD Estrada

Si estás leyendo esta entrada en el blog, las probabilidades son grandes que me conoces y mi trabajo. Llevo 18 libros publicados en varios géneros y aunque mayormente escriba en inglés, amo a mi Isla y con gusto y orgullo apoyo lo local de calibre, sean negocios, músicos, artistas, autores o simplemente gente con buenos corazones. Es un gusto compartir todo el talento que sale de nuestra Isla que aunque sea pequeña, a diario demuestra el gran corazón que tiene. Así que dale click aquí y apúntalo en tu calendario.


Domingo 5 de septiembre a las 12:00 del mediodía EST o 9:00 AM PST. Si tienes preguntas, en confianza, déjala en los comentarios, envíaselas a Joe o me las envías por mensaje privado. ¿Y quién sabe? Posiblemente tengamos algunas sorpresas para ti por sintonizar. 


Hasta la próxima vez que compartamos entre palabras…



Peace, love, and maki rolls

Monday, August 30, 2021

Go Indie Now Goes Boricua

For years, I’ve had the pleasure of contributing to
Go Indie Now with indie music reviews and on several panels. The work Joe Compton puts into supporting indie artists of all kind is beyond admirable and I’m also proud to call him friend. 

A while back, I got the crazy idea of doing an all-Puerto Rican show because I know quite a few indie authors from the Island and with a recent boom in authors emerging, I thought it a great time to show the talent our Island has. So I suggested it and Joe was like, let’s do this!

So for September 5th’s Season Premiere of This Week in Indies, we’re going Boricua to talk about the Culture of Writing. Here’s the lineup for the panel:

Maricel Jiménez

Author of the middle-grade fantasy series The Adventures of Pixie Piper, which includes A Fairy’s Breath (Book 1), the Trove of the Water Dragon (Book 2), and A Dark Wish (Book 3). This series has been a lot of fun to read and definitely has some great messages to share. In addition, she has a short story collection titled La gran muralla de la Ciudad Corazón and her blog Unsuccessful Attempts at Brain Silence.


Ángel Isián 

Co-owner of Libros Eikon, Ángel is the author of El cuco te va a comer and along with his partner, fellow author and illustrator Melvin Rodríguez, they run Libros Eikon which has delivered not one, but two awesome Puerto Rican horror collections under the No Cierres los Ojos banner (Book 1 - Book 2). He’s also released a poetry collection titled La Casa de Los Espejos and is definitely at the forefront of horror fiction coming from the Island. 

David Hernández 

Author of the Outlanders series, the first title which is Malefactor, a fascinating hybrid work where rather than being a full on graphic novel, it is at times a comic, at times a novel, and at all times challenging and compelling. Originally inspired by comics within the same universe, Outlanders definitely swings for the fences to bring you something completely new. Think of Nietzsche meets the Silver Surfer.


Holding it all down is the Godfatha of Go Indie Now, Joe Compton, who is also the author of the suspense crime thrillers Amongst the Killing and We the Moral Majority. I’m a big fan of the man, the network, and the work done by both. Tireless, relentless, and producing more content than you can shake s forest’s worth of sticks at, Joe continues to push for and support all manner of indie creators through the Go Indie Now Network and is ready to take this new season of content to a whole other level.

As for me, I’m your very own personal 00 Bananas and if you’re reading this post, odds are you know me and my work. 18 books out with more on the way in a variety of genres. Also, although I mainly write in English, I love my home and I’m proud to support local businesses and authors to show the world how much talent there can come from one small Island with a big heart. 


So click here and save the date, Sunday September 5th at Noon EST, 9:00 AM PST. Also, if you have questions, feel free to leave in the comments or send to Joe, myself, or any of these awesome authors. And also, who knows? We might have a couple of surprises in store for you.


Til next time though…


Peace, love, and maki rolls


Sunday, August 29, 2021

JD Estrada’s 18th release - Rhymes from the Wicked Nursery


My 17th release was a positive poetry collection for Mother’s Day. So obviously what better follow up than a creepy collection of 80 original nursery rhymes?

Rhymes from the Wicked Nursery is an exercise in dark cheekiness where happily ever afters are nowhere to be found, replaced by untimely deaths, creepy characters, and dark vibes the Addams Family would approve of. In short, it’s meant to give you nightmares in the best possible way.


As for the inspiration, a while back I was in a reading slump and in usual fashion, I decided to tackle said slump by reading something different, namely nursery rhymes. As I read a couple of collections, I couldn’t help but notice how dark some of them were and how fun it was to read them out loud…so of course I started to write a couple for fun…and a couple brought a couple more, and like a gremlin who has just been sprinkled with water, well, the poems multiplied until I had a collection on my hands. 


I was asked if I released the Rhymes from the Wicked Nursery by design and the fact is I didn’t. That’s just how things played out and I’ve been truly following where inspiration leads me this year and the projects I truly feel a fire to write. That I have the kindest and meanest rhymes I’ve ever written released back-to-back is just one of those fun details on my writer journey. 


Oh and there is a bonus in the collection, apart from some sample poetry in case readers need something lighter or are curious of other types of poetry I write, I did include a creepy short story from an upcoming horror collection, because why not? It’s called Hush Little Baby and focuses on the danger found within silence. That collection is still underway…as are several other projects but enjoy that little tidbit to see what you think of me writing in horror. So stay tuned, dear reader. Who knows what else I have in store for your bookshelf in the coming months? Til next time…


Peace, love, and maki rolls

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

The Author’s Kitchen: What’s Cooking with A.I. Winters?

We have Writer Wednesdays to discover new authors.


We have Creative Connections to explore things beyond books.


But what about people whom I’ve already interviewed. People I care about and whose work I love…


Enter the Author’s Kitchen 


Now why don’t we start off with a bang by welcoming A.I. Winters back to the blog. 


Author of the Strange Luck series which I read in full, Winters creates magical, mystical, and slightly mean worlds…and now she’s taking things up a notch, because why not.


Welcome back to the blog, Amie. So happy to have you here and to start things off, why don’t you tell us of what you’ve published and how you’ve shifted from dark YA to horror/mystery for your latest release, Summoner of Sleep.


Thanks for having me back, JD! Yes, I started out writing YA Fantasy and have published three award-winning books in that series (Strange Luck, The Nightmare Birds, and A Darling Secret). It was a lot of fun to write in that genre, but after taking some time off to reflect I decided to try something completely different —horror. 


Just from the cover, you can see you’re going way darker. What prompted this shift?


I’ve always been a HUGE horror fan and like to write what I would read. I’ve been heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Clive Barker and wanted to take a crack at something not only different, but a lot darker. 


The YA and Horror communities are definitely supportive though it’s a different vibe and actually, my experience is that horror authors are some of the kindest people I’ve met. What has the experience been like for you?


There’s definitely a misconception about horror authors. People think they are these weird, ominous people that never interact. It’s quite the contrary. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic. I’ve made a lot of amazing friends in the community and it’s just the beginning. 


Since this is the Author’s Kitchen, I have to ask, what are some things in your literary spice rack that’s unique to you, what are some go-to things you love to explore and what have you kept from your previous approach to writing?


I always like to explore the human psyche and dreams accompanied by some sort of dark magic. Summoner of Sleep has much darker concepts and definitely more gory descriptions. 


Now that you’ve finished and published Summoner of Sleep, what’s next for you beyond a well-earned break?


I just started working on a new horror novel this week. I’m working with a very loose concept and title right now, but hope to start sharing details about the book soon.


I know that beyond reading, you’re a big fan of music. When Summoner of Sleep is picked up for a movie, what 5 artists/bands NEED to be on the soundtrack and why?


If you’ve read or watched any of my other interviews you know that I’m a big metalhead so I’m going to have to stick to that genre. My favorite black metal band that was inspired by the Lord of the Rings is called Summoning. They have a very epic, fantasy sound. Then, I’d say Type of Negative and probably Goblin for some atmosphere (think the original Suspiria). I’ll need to think on the other two…


Apart from writing, I also know you’re into martial arts. Can you tell us, which one you practice and how has martial arts influenced your writing if in any way? 


Yes, I’ve been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for nearly two years and love it. It’s a great stress release when I need a break from writing and a great way to exercise your mind, body, and spirit. I think it’s also helped me in some regard to understand and write fight scenes. I can’t remember what my life was like before Jiu-Jitsu and I’m truly grateful that I found this practice.


From what I’ve seen, there have been plenty of comparisons to Lovecraft with your latest release. What aspect does that hone in on? The occult? Mood? Tempo? Or just writing something that’ll wake you up in the middle of the night?


Yes, which is such an honor for me since he’s my literary idol. I think it’s a little bit of everything (occult, mood, tempo, tone, etc.). I’ve been reading Lovecraft for so long and he’s had a major influence on me, so I really attempted to capture that essence, but in a contemporary form. 


You are contacted by a spirit’s company that wants to do something based on your novel. What is the alcohol, the APV volume, and what goes into a Bloody Winters? (Cocktail name courtesy of moi, if you want to change it, go for it)


Ha ha. I love the name Bloody Winters! Vodka is my drink of choice and I recently discovered there’s a black vodka, so I’d go with that and call it something like Frozen Winters or Black Winters. Highest APV volume allowed without choking.


Gahahahaha here’s to enjoying a tipple and no choking. Ah that was good. And now all that is left is to roll that crimson carpet so you can tell us where more people can connect with you.


You can learn more about me and my books at aiwinters.com. 


Follow me here:


Instagram: http://www.instragram.com/aiwinters_author


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aiwinters


Amazon Author Central: https://www.amazon.com/A-I-Winters/e/B00XZ88V5A?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1620073015&sr=8-1


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13851542.A_I_Winters


You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxx9UX-Lim4aIUU5UOB0iHQ


Thank you so much for having my, JD! I wish you the best of luck with your books and I can’t wait to check out your latest. Thanks again. 😊


 * * * *


There you have it, folks. The first visit into the Author’s Kitchen. Feel free to give Madame Winters a follow and check out her new book, Summoner of Sleep. 

Good friend, good people, great writer. Til next we meet in words, dear frands.


Peace, love, and maki rolls 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Friday the 13th Birthday Special

I’ve always found it curious to have a birthday shared with Alfred Hitchcock and Fidel Castro and for it to be a 13th. For this year, it lands on a Friday so it’s even cheekier. 

So yeah, I’ll be 41…that’s kinda crazy though not as crazy as the last year we've all experienced. Still, a lot of good things have happened as I progress in my 40’s and for this post, I’m actually listening to the song #41 by Dave Matthews Band, because why not?


Also, why celebrate alone when you can have friends join in. If you’d like to help me celebrate, then there’s a couple of ways I can think of so let’s do the top 10 ways to help me celebrate.


1. Pre-order my 18th release, Rhymes from the Wicked Nursery. I’ll be writing more about this new release, but I’ll be brief: Nursery rhymes are creepy…they can be fun creepy…I wrote 80. 


2. Buy my physical books from Tazas y Portadas. Most copies of my books are signed and each has a unique dedication. 


3. Review ANY of my books. I’ve got a lot of books and a gift that is ALWAYS in season is a review. Good or bad, doesn’t matter. Just keep it honest.


4. Say cheers with socks, snacks, tea, bananas, or my books. Also, make sure to tag me @JDEstradaWriter in your preferred social media platform. Also, what can I say? I LOVE my books, but they always look better with company. 


5. Have a podcast, blog, BookTube or AuthorTube channel? Then have me over for tea and shenanigans.


6. Speaking about shenanigans, feel free to give me a follow on all my socials. Every bit helps and if you can tell a friend or two, I have zero complaints about that.


7. Know someone who works at a bookstore or library that could help me get books there, pretty please with sugar on top, hook an indie author up. If they have a different type of store that would be open to having my books, why not?


8. Have students that would like a chat from an indie author? Drop me a message and let's make it happen.


9. Want to make a donation to a charity in solidarity? I support EB Awareness, the American Cancer Society, and Waves 4 Water. If you do support any of these causes, it’d mean the world if you could include a #CheersMamaEstrada to show that her love continues to help others.


10. Check your contact list, pick four people and drop a line or give them a call and say you love them, just because. We need more love these days. 

So as a reminder, below will be my top 10 and if you think of other ways to help me celebrate, go for it! Til then...

Peace, love, and maki rolls