Sunday, January 19, 2014


Your misery's a symphony,
your thoughts a disaster.
It's a cattle prod grenade,
this sorrow serenade,
yet I trip as I swallow
and break through the marrow.
My soul's sometimes deep
and other times shallow.
Vexed and confused
as I float in refuse.
I'm lost and I'm reeling
from all that I'm feeling.

And I stumble - on - my - words
Yes I stumble - on - my - words
Sometimes mumble through the world
Or simply - stumble - on - my - words

A Schindler chin
that can hold all within.
Decisions and duties
that battle for the beauty
Of a victorious nod
that claims all as God,
getting lost and withdrawn
a selfish night without dawn.
I'm thinking and stealing
from memories revealing,
at times lost and confused,
or dazed and amused.

And I stumble - on - my - words
Yes I stumble - on - my - words

But I smile
get up
Dust myself
And move on.

Even if on occasion
I stumble on my words.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A week of poems #7: Melatonin

Maudlin melatonin
bitter sequin smiles.
The mind is often roaming,
resolution's dipped in guile.

Joyful is the apnea
sharpened be thy grin,
A dash or two of salvia,
a cup's filled to the brim.

Sorrow serotonin,
A dance was never had,
Maudlin melatonin,
I'm happy when I'm sad.

Cheshire knife it slices,
I will, I did, I'll try.
Melatonin rises,
I'm smiling when I cry.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

A week of poems #6: Inertia

Resin turns to amber,
Water becomes ice,
Inertia drums like thunder,
lightning never strikes.

The anchor isn’t moving
And bottled spirit’s brewing.
What drags, weighs down,
and tears do ground.

Patience sours to anger,
Silence has its price.
Just help me with this anchor,
And raise sails to sky.

But silence is the sound,
That more than often’s found.
Instead inertia’s brooding,
And we end up déja-viewing.

Friday, January 10, 2014

A week of poems #5: Coffee

With coffee sans sugar,
I hear clearly with vigor.
The melody of bean
Sum foam choir, harmony serene.

Morning coffee wakes a brain,
And ears listen clearly,
Day is here, song is just beginning.
Sound off the drums and rise up the singing.

Dark tones of truth
Smoothed over with creamy smiles.
Grant us morning coffee,
So we may function if for a while.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A week of poems #4: Ring

Infinity dances in the ring.
On it a smile is etched.
Embedded in steel and love,
The ring turns ahead.

Twirl and spin
As it blurs from within.
A step here careens then yonder
As matters at hand one does ponder.

So with love in hand
With a dance and a twirl
I see a world of love
As the ring is awhirl.