Thursday, March 28, 2024

Celebrando una década participando en el Puerto Rico Comic Con

A nivel cósmico una década no es nada, pero a nivel individual, es un canto de tiempo MUY significativo. Mañana celebramos el 10mo aniversario desde que participo en el Puerto Rico Comic Con y los nervios y la emoción son igual que la primera vez.

Digo celebramos porque para mí, este evento lo celebro y participo gracias a todas las personas que me han apoyado y leído. He visto estudiantes graduarse de highschool y universidad, personas que se han casado, personas que me han traído sus bebés y gente de todas las edades que visitan y siempre hacen punto de pasar por mi exhibidor, a menudo más de una vez.

Para nuestro décimo aniversario, trabajé duro por mucho tiempo para terminar la serie con la que hice debut en el 2014. Only Human marca un momento importante en mi vida como humano, no sólo como autor y mañana estaré ahí con la trilogía incluyendo Beyond Human. Ha sido un camino intenso ahora he aprendido mucho como escritor y como ser humano. Son 22 los libros que he publicado y queda mucho por crear y como le digo a todo el mundo, esto es solo el comienzo.

Siempre doy lo máximo en lo que escribo y lo hago porque siento esa obligación por mí como autor, por los lectores que me apoyan y piden más libros, por mi nombre de autor que es en tributo a mi madre y por toda la gente que me apoya. Gracias por una década muy épica y veremos con qué les sorprenderé próximo.

Por ahora, a pasarla de show en el Comic Con.

Dos abrazos y un adiós.




Monday, March 25, 2024

Behind the Cover – Artist Karelys Luna

Fate has a funny and wonderful way of connecting you to people. I met Karelys Luna at my second or third outing with the Puerto Rico Comic Con and she was a neighbor. As we set up and shook off our pre-convention jitters, we were a bit quiet, then we started talking. And talked more. And more. And yes, more. I had the treat to also meet who was to become her future husband and honestly, some of the best convention neighbors Ive ever had. The thing is that I saw her talent and knew I was going to work with her at some point…I just needed the right project. And the right project came, Penumbra, my collection of Spanish horror short stories. When I got the idea for the cover, I knew EXACTLY who needed to work on it, because I needed someone with skill designing art thats dark, but beautiful and elegant. Someone who is good at working with illumination and with an eye for detail that continually nails those extras to bring an idea to life even better than you thought it. So I have the absolute pleasure of presenting my fellow Puerto Rican creative, the multi-talented Karelys Luna.


1.     Greetings salutations and a hello to you, Karelys. Its wonderful to have you on the blog so lets get the party started. Why dont you tell people who you are and where youre from?


Thank YOU for this space! :) Hello everyone. I am Karelys Luna and Im a digital artist and graphic designer from Puerto Rico.


2.    When it comes to graphic art, how long have you been an artist and how long have you worked in the field?


I’ve been a digital artist for 12 years and a graphic designer for 8. I’ve been working as a freelancer for a decade and have been working as a professional graphic designer in office since 2018.


3.    How would you describe your art style?


When it comes to art, it is a mixture of photomanipulation, digital painting and a whole lot of imagination. I lean a lot toward dark aesthetics and anything that’s fantasy and dream-like. My art is also heavily inspired by sci-fi, which has a lot to do with the fact that my mom was a science teacher, and I grew up reading books about astronomy. The beauty of the universe amazes me, and you can see that represented in my work.



4.    Now when it comes to you, you are a woman of many talents! Can you tell people some of your other gigs and interests youve had?


Thank you! :) Well, I’m also a professional vocalist. I have been singing since I was a kid, and I even have a college degree in Popular Music Vocal Performance and worked as a vocal coach for five years. Right now, I sing in a party band and we mostly do weddings and private events. It’s a cool gig and it has helped grow and challenge myself a lot as a vocalist.


5.    I love asking about processes because each artist works differently. How does an ideal project flow for you, from concept, to ideas, and initial layouts?


To be honest, it depends on the project. If I’m going to do a CD Cover for example, I listen to the song first to know the story that we are telling in the image, I ask the client what they’re envisioning for the cover, then I look for references, do some sketches, and then I start to look for resources and as soon as I feel I have enough to start, the creation process begins. For book covers it’s the same process (minus the song listening part). To me, it is extremely important that whatever I’m going to create is visually connected to the story the client wants to tell the audience.


6.    From the minute I got the idea for Penumbra, I knew I wanted you to be the one who worked on the cover and you exceeded expectations. What can you tell us about the design and our process working together?


And I’m very happy you chose me for it. :) When you told me about the concept of the book and the elements that you wanted on it, I immediately envisioned in my head a scenery of the streets of Old San Juan at night, as if I was walking there. If we’re going to say it how it is, there are parts of Old San Juan at night that are very dark and kind of spooky, so I wanted to recreate that feeling through the artwork. But our process felt very natural to me and not forced at all. It felt like I was taking a piece from memory and putting it on a canvas. And we clicked on every aspect of the project, it was a great experience.


7.     What are some other projects that really call to you or that youd love to work on?


I love working for creators. Whether it’s album or single covers, book covers, packaging, artwork for posters, logos, or anything, one of my biggest goals as an artist is to work for the creators that inspire daily.


8.    Youve been very vocal about your opinion about AI and its implications. Its a hot button topic everyone wants to discuss. Working at a large company, I see the implications of how they want to use AI. From your perspective, what are some things we need to consider when it comes to the use of this technology?


This is a controversial topic indeed, but I’m happy you asked this question because it needs to be talked about more. I always say that the two perspectives that need to be analyzed are the use of AI from the client’s perspective and the creators perspective. Two of the things I learned when I started to make art is to learn the rules, and that it's important that when new technology or new trends show up, you do your research and evaluate pros and cons. From a creator's perspective, to me its really important that every tool I use works in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, most of AI generators do not work in an ethical manner because their algorithms were programmed using copyrighted material from the internet, with no compensation or credit for the original creators of said material. That’s theft, and it’s copyright infringement, and there are laws in place that penalize that. So, using tools like Midjourney for example, can open a door to bring legal complications in the future. The only AI tools I use that I recommend for creators that work in an ethical way are the ones implemented in Adobe’s programs, because they’re powered with Adobe Firefly, and its algorithm was trained with their own stock resources.


Now for the client, the problem of using AI image generators for commercial use, is that AI art can’t be copyrighted (the image needs to be made by a person and not a machine or a generator to be accepted for copyright protection) and that has been confirmed by the US Copyright Office. The problem with this is that you have no rights nor protection for your image, and that means that any person can steal it and use it how they want, and the law cannot do anything to protect your rights, because there aren’t any. You cannot send a cease and desist, nor take them to court. It’s not worth using something you will have no ownership of just to save a few dollars.



9.    Ok, switching gears, I love coming up with random questions to see how your brain thinks, so here are a couple: First off, if you could bring any of your designs to life in a story or movie, which would it be and why?


Oh that’s a good one. I never really thought about it because I always looked at all my personal artworks as part of the same universe, but if I had to choose one, it would be “Oracle”. When I made that piece, I was envisioning a vibe that was a mixture of “The Neverending Story” and something that had to do with astronauts and sci-fi. I always felt like there was a big story there to tell and I wanted the audience to feel that when they looked at that piece.


10.  Awesome! But don't give me ideas or I'll write Oracle or draft a script for a graphic novel. Anyways, next random question: You win the Power Ball but the only requisite is that you have to head a videogame project designed in Puerto Rico. Whats the project called and whats the game like?


Oh wow. That’s a very interesting question. I think I would call it LUNARIS and make it an open world space game mixed with fantasy elements. I love aliens what can I say?


11.  Hey, we love what we love. Actually, quick question, what projects do you feel particularly proud of?


Apart from Penumbra, every single CD cover artwork I’ve done. I’ve always felt that because of my musician side, creating visuals through the connection with music feels supernatural to me. It’s art inspiring art. Every single CD cover I’ve done has been an amazing experience, and I hope I get to do it more in the near future. Most of my personal artworks are inspired by songs as well.


12.  If you could design a spell for the world, what would be the name of the spell, what would it do, and how would it look when it did its magic stuff?


Oh god, this is a hard one. I’m trying to come up with a name that I have not heard in Harry Potter or Hogwarts Legacy at some point. Um... I’ll call it Lux Artrus (couldn’t come up with anything better he-he) and it would make people appreciate all forms of art more. Every day we hear news of schools shutting down theater, music, or art programs of any kind, and it always saddens me. Art is so important, it makes us look at the world differently and feel everything differently. It brings so much beauty to the world and it’s so needed, especially during these difficult times we are living.


13.  I love that answer. Thank you so, so, so much for coming on the blog. Now how about you tell people where they can connect with you and your work, or if theyd like to contact you to work on some future art projects?


Of course! You can find my portfolio at my website:


You can also find me on social media:


IG: @karelys.luna


Tik Tok: @karelysluna




And to contact me, I’m always available via email: or by DM on Instagram.


Thank you so much for this space JD and for the opportunity to work the art for Penumbra. :)


* * * *


And there you have it folks, another wonderful in depth look into the amazing artists I've been able to connect with on my projects. Feel free to connect with Karelys and here's to AI free art, MORE human art, and searching our soul wells for dreams and inspiration.


Sunday, February 4, 2024

A Case Against “For”

While giving a compliment can make someone’s day, giving a back-handed compliment can do the opposite…and it happens way too often.


“That person looks good…for their: age, weight, nationality, height, body type, skin color, sense of style, hair length, hair color” and beyond.


The person should have stopped when they said “good.”


That person looks good.




No need for caveats, buts, exceptions, loaded words, or thinly veiled judgment. There is a spectrum of beauty. Something people easily forget. For both men and women, it’s a minefield of expectations they have to sort through along with feelings of inadequacy that are all too common.


For women, beauty is an endless topic of contention. It’s a dangerous obsession and the media often promotes unhealthy standards of beauty that switch arbitrarily, often just in time to have people need to hit new goals once they arrive at what was supposedly a standard of beauty.


Too fat. Too skinny. Arms too big. Love handles. Ass too big. Ass too small. Square hips. Too much hips. Tits too big. Tits too small. Chin not fine enough. Lips too big. Eyes too dark. Eyes too clear. Too short. Too tall. Huge feet. Jaw too square. Tiny hands. Long neck. Short torso. Too muscular. Knobby knees. Thicc thighs. Hair too thick. Hair too thin. Hair too long. Hair not long enough.


And age? It’s as if women aren’t allowed to be attractive past a certain age.










Fortunately, things have shifted a bit and women are taking back their sensuality but they’re doing it boisterously because there are still circles that want to cast beautiful women as grandmas and nothing else. Very often you hear actresses have to defend what they wear or don’t wear. That they use makeup, that they don’t use makeup, that they dye their hair, that they embrace their grays. And whatever the answer, for some people and certain circles, it’ll never be enough.


But correct me if I’m wrong, last I checked Halle Berry (57), Elizabeth Hurley (58), Michelle Yeoh (61), Salma Hayek (57), Charlize Theron (48), Sade Adu (64), Susan Sarandon (77), Jamie Lee Curtis (65), Iman (68), Dolly Parton (77), Kate Beckinsale (50), (Jennifer Lopez (54), Susanna Hoffs (62), Lynda Carter (72), and Shakira (46), don’t just look good for their age. They look good. Period. And lord, Rita Moreno is 92 and beautiful.


But we still hear people insist on including “for” in any compliments given.


How about we nix that word and focus on the compliment we want to give?


And although to a drastically reduced level, men also get a bit of that “for” goodness.


He looks good for his weight, height, body type, nationality, skin color, and age. And sometimes you get some “evens” thrown in. He looks good, even without hair, even with a patchy beard, even, even, even…


It’s baffling to see the use of these words. Seriously, what’s the need for that “for”? Why insist on bringing down someone a notch or several notches after bringing them up? Why put an asterisk on someone rather than recognize that they are not only enough but amazing?


Do away with for. Stop before for. Do not give in to for. For if you do, then for shame, for you miss out on an opportunity to recognize beauty for what it is. Whatever the race, the age, the weight, the hair color, the gender, the orientation, or the style, there’s more beauty than there is lack of it. Instead, embrace and celebrate the true spectrum of beauty, for it will benefit everyone to do away with for, once and for all.


Peace, love, and maki rolls.


Sunday, January 28, 2024

La marcha de los escritores 2024


¡Volvemos a marchar! Me di la tarea de sacar los temas para cada día del mes de marzo MUCHO más temprano de lo usual por si te quieres preparar o hacer algo especial que conlleve un poco más de tiempo. Si no sabes lo que es la Marcha de los escritores, pues pronto vienen más entradas del blog y videos en YouTube pero una definición corta es que es un evento que dura el mes de marzo, hay temas para cada día y la idea es de que tus lectores y otros autores conozcan tu versión de la vida de un autor. 

Espera videos de esto en YouTube y como siempre, lo más importante es pasarla bien y trabajar los temas como quieras. NO tienes que participar todos los días y la idea es que te lo disfrutes, que conectes con otros autores y que tus lectores te conozcan un poco mejor.


Eso sí, cuando hagas un post, recuerda hacerme un tag y usar los siguientes hashtags:






Vamos a lo que vinimos, ¡los temas!


1.     Saludos, compañeros humanos. Escribes. Posiblemente ya has publicado, estás en el proceso de publicar o tienes deseos de publicar en algún momento del futuro. A lo mejor llevas años en esto. No importa donde estés en tu camino de autor, cuéntanos. ¿Quién eres? ¿Qué escribes? ¿Dónde te podemos leer? Para esta introducción, puedes hacer un video, una entrada en tu blog o usar tus redes sociales favoritas. Lo importante es que uses el hashtag de #MarchaDeLosEscritores para comenzar a contectar.  


2.     Y se hizo la luz. ¿Cuándo supiste que querías dedicarte a escribir? ¿Cuándo encendió esa chispa? ¿Hubo algo específico que dio comienzo a todo?


3.     Bajo la influencia. ¿Qué autores, bandas o artistas han servido de inspiración e influencia?


4.     Debates para la eternidad parte 1: ¿Sabes la diferencia entre los tipos de escritores: Plotter, pantser y plantser? Plotter es aquel que diagrama todo y es súper organizado. Pantser es el que se lo va inventando TODO mientras va escribiendo. Plantser es el punto medio, o sea un híbrido entre los otros dos tipos de escritores. ¿Cuál eres tú y a qué nivel?


5.     Me hace sentido. ¿Cuáles son algunos sentidos que te encantan explorar en lo que escribes? ¿Cómo haces para escribir el sabor, los sonidos, los olores, el tacto y la vista?


6.     Obi-TÚ-ario. Escribe tu propio obituario y por lo que quieres que te recuerden. 


7.     Mi bella genio de la escritura. Si existieran genios de la escritura y tuvieses tres deseos, qué serían?


8.     Más allá de las páginas. ¿Qué otras habilidades tienes? ¿Bailas, haces algún tipo de arte, cantas? Sea lo que sea, comparte esa habilidad.


9.     ¿Cómo capturas ideas? Un consejo que doy a menudo porque lo aprendí a las malas es de tener múltiples herramientas para apuntar y “capturar" una idea. ¿Cuáles son algunas de tus herramientas o métodos? ¿Cuánto tiempo tienen algunas de las ideas que más tiempo llevan en captura y que aún están pendientes para ser desarrolladas?


10.  La madre de IA. El tema de la inteligencia artificial está en boga y sigue creciendo a nivel que ahora compañías tienen que incluir cláusulas en sus contratos de que el material desarrollado no ha utilizado IA para el mismo. ¿Qué te parece el tema sobre las implicaciones en las artes y la escritura?


11.  ¡Estafalerta! Algo que me encanta de nuestra comunidad es que nos cuidamos unos a otros lo mejor que podemos y cuando alguien está realizando una estafa, se lo avisas a la gente. ¿Cuáles son algunas de las estafas más comunes que se le hacen a las que los autores nuevos y veteranos a los que debes tener un ojo avisor?


12.  Para los gustos los colores. Cuando estás comprando un libro para TI como un gustito, ¿qué influye en tu decisión al momento de elegir un libro en vez de otro?


13.  La gira de tus sueños. ¿A dónde te llevará la gira para tu primera obra exitosa?


14.  Debates para la eternidad parte 2: ¿Café o té? Nosotros, los escritores, tenemos una intensa obsesión con lo que usamos para darle sabor a nuestras sesiones de escritura. Pues cuéntanos, ¿cuál es tu veneno preferido?


15.  Consejo mañanero. Todos aprendemos cosas diferentes. De todo lo que has vivido, ¿qué consejo le darías a la gente sobre la escritura, el negocio de la escritura o la vida en general?


16.  Territorio inexplorado. A menudo hablamos de lo que hemos escrito y de cuál es nuestro género por excelencia... pero ¿qué géneros no has explorado todavía que le tienes muchas ganas de conocer?


17.  Los writer sprints, ¿sí o no? Un writer sprint es cuando te das un tiempo predeterminado en donde escribes sin parar. Pueden ser 10-15-20 minutos o incrementos mayores. A menudo hay grupos que se reúnen para hacerlos en comunidad. ¿Participas de writer sprints? Si es así, ¿hay alguno que quieras compartir para ver si nos unimos a uno?


18.  Áreas de oportunidad. ¿Cuáles son algunas de las cosas que necesitas trabajar en ti mismo como persona y como escritor?


19.  Autoespaldarazo. A veces nos puede dar un poco de trabajo hablar de nuestros éxitos o hablar de nosotros en una luz positiva. Así que cambiemos eso. Cuéntanos algunas de las cosas increíbles que has hecho. Claro que puede ser un poco incómodo, pero vale la pena porque TÚ vales la pena.


20.  Debates para la eternidad parte 3: ¿Noctámbulo, madrugador o algo más? Cuando escribimos a veces depende del tiempo que tenemos disponible, claro, pero algunas personas son mucho más productivas en algunas horas mucho más que en otras. Entonces, ¿qué momento del día saca lo mejor de ti?


21.  Eventualidades. ¿Qué eventos de libro has tenido para tus obras o que tendrás en el futuro?


22.  ¡Nos vamos de fiesta! Terminaste un manuscrito, publicaste un libro, pasaste una prueba o terminaste un proyecto grande en tu trabajo. ¿Cómo celebras a misma y mismo?


23.  ¿Luz u oscuridad? ¿Cuál prefieres, villanos o héroes? ¿Cuál piensas que escribes mejor?


24.  Música para tranquilizar, activar o inspirar. Hay un pléilist de música para escribir y siempre le estoy añadiendo canciones. ¿Cuáles son algunas canciones que debería incluir? ¿Tienes listas de canciones para escribir? ¡Pues a compartir!


25.  Debates para la eternidad parte 4: Prólogos: ¿sí o no? Algunas personas y muchos agentes literarios insisten que los prólogos no son necesarios. Que se pueden cortar o convertirse en capítulo uno. ¿Qué piensas al respecto?


26.  Las aguas profundas de la investigación. La investigación es un aspecto fascinante de nuestros cuentos y a veces descubrimos cosas intensas y hasta alarmantes. ¿Cuáles son algunas cosas increíbles que descubriste a través de la investigación y que incluiste en tus cuentos?


27.  TODO personal. ¿Hay elementos en tus relatos o lo que escribes que es sumamente personal? De ser así, cuéntanos algunos de ellos y ¿qué te llevó a incluirlos?


28.  Palabras de apoyo. Para hoy, nada de juegos de palabras ni doble sentido. Hoy es para inspirarte a compartir palabras de apoyo con otros escritores. Hay días en donde la cosa está difícil, donde nada fluye, donde todo frustra. A menudo dicen que escribir es un acto solitario pero esta comunidad NO es solitaria. Así que comparte un consejo, un escrito, una canción, un video o lo que sea para capturar un mensaje de apoyo para alguien que está teniendo un día difícil. Alguien que está dudando de sus habilidades y se cuestionan todo necesitan escuchar algo…¿Qué es ese algo?


29.  ¿Quién está en tu esquina? Encontrar tu tribu es parte del camino como escritor. ¿Cuáles son algunas personas que están de tu lado y que quieras reconocer?


30.  Enlazados. Parte de la Marcha de los escritores es para dejarle saber a la gente dónde pueden conectar contigo y cómo mantenerse en contacto. Comparte esos enlaces y haz esas conexiones, porque la vida y el escribir es mejor cuando hay buena compañía.


31.  PRONTO: ¿Qué te espera este año y los años que vienen?


¡Y tan tan! Ahí tienes los temas. ¿Tienes preguntas? Pues deja un comentario y en confianza, comparte con tus amigos escritores que piensas que disfrutarían participar de la marcha.


Un abrazo,












March of the Writers 2024!

By popular demand, here are the prompts for March of the Writers WAY early in case you want to get prepared or do something special that requires a bit more time. 

If you don't know what March of the Writers is, don't worry. I'll have posts and videos coming soon going in depth, but to offer a short definition, it's a month long event where you have daily prompts to show a bit of what your version of the writer life looks like. Expect videos on YouTube and as always, remember the following:

A. You can approach prompts however you want

B. You don’t need to participate every day

C. The idea is for you to enjoy and connect with fellow authors while also connecting with your readers and letting get to know you a bit better.

Also, remember make sure to use the following hashtags when you post :






So without further ado, here are the prompts!


1.     Greetings, fellow humans. You’re a writer. You may or may not be published. You may be in the process of publishing. You may be a veteran author. Regardless of where you are at, tell us. Who are you? What do you write? Where can we read you? Feel free to do this in video, blog, or social media post form. Just remember to use the #MarchOftheWriters hashtags!


2.     Aha Moment. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? When did that spark light? Was there any specific thing that lit the fire?


3.     Under the influence. What authors, musicians, or artists have influenced your work?


4.     Never-ending writer debate Part 1: Plotter, Pantser, Plantser. What’s your jam?


5.     Making sense of it all. What are some senses you love exploring with your writing? How do you approach writing taste, sound, smell, touch, and sight.


6.     You-logy. Write your own eulogy and what you want to be remembered for.


7.     Dear writer Genie. If there was such a thing as a writer genie, and you had 3 wishes, what would they be?


8.     Beyond the pages. What other skills do you have? Do you dance, make art, sing? Whatever it is, show us your skill.


9.     Capture tools of the trade. A very valuable tip I once learned was to have capture tools to trap ideas. What are some of your capture tools? What are some of the oldest ideas you’ve yet to develop?


10.  Yay-I or Nay-I. Everyone’s talking about AI. It’s everywhere…so what are your thoughts on what it will bring for writing and art in general?


11.  Scam-alert. Something I love about our community is that we watch out for each other as best as we can and when someone is running a scam, you let people know. What are some of the most common scams authors old and new need to keep an eye out for?


12.  This instead of that. When you are treating your shelf, what influences you into getting a book?

13.   Dream book tour. Where are we going to see you when you make it big?


14.  Never-ending writer debate Part 2: Coffee or tea? Us writers have an intense obsession with what we use to lubricate our writing sessions. So what’s your poison of choice?



15.  Tip of the morning to ya. We all learn different things. From everything you’ve experienced, what advice would you share with people about writing, the business of writing, or life in general?


16.  Uncharted territory. We often talk about what we’ve written and what our wheelhouse is…but what genres have you not explored yet and have an itch you want to scratch?


17.  To sprint or not to sprint? Do you do writer sprints? Any you’d like to give a shoutout to?


18.  Areas of opportunity. What are some things you need to work on yourself as a person and as a writer?


19.  Pat on the back. We SO rarely give ourselves kudos and props. So tell us, what are a few awesome things about you? Sure, it can be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s worth it because you’re worth it.


20.  Never-ending writer debate Part 3: Night Owl, Early Bird, Something else? When we write depends on availability, sure, but some people thrive at some hours way more than others. So what’s your time to shine?


21.  Eventful moments. What book events have you had for your work or will have?


22.  Celebrate Good Times. You finished a manuscript, published a book, passed a test, or finished a big project at work. How do you celebrate YOU?


23.  Naughty or Nice? What do you prefer, villains or heroes? Which do you think you write better?


24.  Grooves to Soothe. It has been reported that savage beasts can in fact receive relief and mental peace thanks to music…or something like that. In short, there’s a March of the Writers playlist. What are some tunes you think I should definitely add to the list and do you have writing playlists of your own?


25.  Never-ending writer debate Part 4: Prologues, yay or nay? Some people (and many literary agents) say that prologues aren’t necessary. That you can either cut them out or make them into chapter one. What do you think?


26.  How deep do those rabbits go? Research is a fascinating thing and our stories take us into some pretty wild territories. What are some things you’ve found out that have made it into your stories that are just amazing?


27.  Making it personal. Are there parts of your writing that hit REAL close to home? If so, what are they and what compelled you to include that?


28.  Words of encouragement. No clever title. No pun. This prompt is because writing has some pretty rough moments, and I’m not talking about when you’re editing or your fingers and your brain don’t coordinate long enough to avoid writing typos every 4 words. Oftentimes people say writing is lonely and it can be. It can also be frustrating. Debilitatingly so. This prompt is for you to write, sing, or record a message of support to someone who is not having the best day. Someone who is suffering from impostor syndrome, whose writing isn’t clicking or gelling, and is wondering why they should even bother. We all know it’s worth it, but we’ve all had sucktastic days. So you’re up. Someone needs words of encouragement. Whachu got?


29.  Who’s in your corner? When it comes to the writing community, finding your tribe is something that happens organically. Who are some of the people in your tribe you’d like to highlight?


30.  Linkety Split. Part of March of the Writers is to let people know where you are and how to keep in touch. Share those links and make those connections, because life’s better when you have friends.


31.  Coming soon: What’s next for you in the year or the coming few years?


And there you have them, folks. Have any questions? By all means, ask away. Also, feel free to share with any writer friends you think would enjoy these prompts.


Peace, love, and march on!!!