Friday, November 22, 2013

Be generous with words

In an era where a friend’s eyes and ears are just a couple of taps away, people are selfish with their words as if each word is weighed, measured and charged. You see it every time it’s someone’s birthday or when they have an important life event.



So happy 4 U

All the best

As someone who has received his fair share of 1 word replies to birthday messages written with thought and love, do me a favor... be more generous with your words. Write long messages, vomit your brain, speak your heart, free your mind and write. Write like it matters because it does.

When you talk to someone, look them in the eye, give them your attention, give them your words and speak them from the heart. Some people say, well not everyone is worth speaking to with your heart, and although I can understand where they’re coming from, I disagree. I think even casual friends deserve your attention and more than just a series of acronyms and letters to carry along a message. 

In a life that is lived way beyond the speed limit, taking the time to stop and talk to someone is worth a lot more than gold, especially because it’s become so rare. So next time you want to click like on something or reply with three words, consider stopping what your doing so you can really touch base with that someone and connect rather than play courtesy tag.

And your words? Share them, be generous, spoil your friends and family and write as if you’re writing a series and want your viewer to tune in again and again.

After all, they’re just words... they’re free, let them be free as well. 

Peace, love and maki rolls.



  1. As always you have a way with words. I totally agree with that. I think we must thank the social media for it, we want everything fast therefore to keep up with it we 'must' skip as many words as possible.

    1. Veronica, my apologies for the super late reply. Thank you for all the support and the comments. I completely agree, we want to go through so much content, we don't really take the time to appreciate it and engage. Cheers

  2. "As someone who has received his fair share of 1 word replies to birthday messages written with thought and love ..."

    I know what you mean ... it's something of a kick in the teeth when it happens, and almost somehow devalues the thought that's been invested in the original message. I don't think it's necessarily deliberate though (at least not from the people who are WORTH the gift of a well-thought out birthday wish), but maybe an unhappy collision of the writer's reverence for words and the non-writer's mindset of words being nothing more than ... functional, if that makes sense (if it doesn't I apologise, it's been a long day). Plus, as Veronica says, the social media aspect, the textspeak etc, all conspire to rob words of their weight, to make sonnets into soundbites.

    A sad state of affairs, but a great piece. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thanks for the comment Jabe. And I also agree that it's probably not deliberate, it's just people want to be connected, without REALLY connecting. And you make absolute sense. Still, I'm all about connecting and recognize the value of connecting. So here's to your wonderful comment and you taking the time to write it. Cheers and all the best.

  4. This is so true ! Life is often difficult and it's so easy to become isolated and lonely. That connection with another human being is priceless. Words are powerful things, use them well and with generosity !
    Thanks J.D for another wonderful and thought provoking post :)

    1. Exactly Karen. The more we connect, the better our chances to shift towards light. Thank you for reading and commenting. Cheers