Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Reviews – Neverending Story

Let’s clear three things before we get into this review.

1.     I loved the first Neverending Story movie. Yes that means I’m a child of the 80’s.
2.     That movie is basically half the book. Which would explain why the author wanted to boycott the movie… not to mention the artistic liberties they enjoyed in the adaptation.
3.     Bastian is nowhere near as likable in the book as he was in the movie… which was the intention.

That being said, The Neverending Story is a classic for many reasons. The writing is intelligent, interesting and truly invites you to ponder, exactly how would you waste your wishes if you were granted an Auryn? I say waste because eventually odds are you’d put wishes to poor use. That’s why life is wise in not giving you all you wish for.

My version of the book also had two color fonts which as a writer opens a whole new worlds to what I could do with my writing. I’d seen something like that… although nothing as well made where each ink had its own style and tone. It is truly a marvelous book I fully recommend because as some of the best young adult or children’s literature does, it really challenges you as a reader.

So what if Bastian is ultimately annoying on many occasions and borderline deplorable? It’s not as if Dorothy wasn’t kind of a ditz or Alice a tad annoying in her poshness. Many protagonists in children’s books aren’t Harry Potter or Coraline and challenge you to look past their flaws into a world of wonder.

In short, our lives are but a chapter in the Neverending Story, and you’d do yourself a great disservice if you didn’t give yourself a chance to accompany Bastian on his travels to Fantastica… oh yeah, Fantasia is not the correct name of the world… but you also knew Dorothy’s slippers were silver, right?

Here’s to luckdragons, seas of mist and wisely used wishes. 

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