Friday, August 28, 2015

Renaissance Geek

I am happy to see so many people embracing their geeky side. I’ve always had a geeky side to me and I’ve always insisted it adds to the charm even if on occasion people are left with the sole option of shaking their head at my comments or wondering what obscure movie/tv reference I'm alluding to.

The thing is that the age of jock is kind of passe. Sure, being a jock is still sought after since it’s an age old archetype, the hero. What seems to be happening though is that there are other types of heroes that come into play, and some of them are indeed geeks. Don’t believe me? Go to a comic con, then go to a panel, and be sure to play close attention to how some actors/writers/artists/directors are revered.

In my case, I’ll always be an odd mix of things. Big Trouble in Little China shall always be one of my favorite movies and I shall always keep what Jack Burton says close to heart. I shall also always keep in mind my love for Zelda, for Mario, for Metroid, for Secret of Mana, Xenogears and Final Fantasy. My dreams are often splashed with colors from Narnia, the Wizarding World and Middle Earth.

As a writer, I do my best to keep it varied and the same as my role in being a geek. To me, the best part about being a geek is the unabashed passion we are allowed to show for the things we love. I love puns, I love poetry, love short stories, love novels, love it all and I want to do it all. And that’s part of my mission in my definition of geek. I want to be a Renaissance Geek if you will.

I’m not saying I want to wear period wardrobe although if it fancied me, I’d go for it. No, I’m saying that as a geek I like to keep what I watch/read/listen as varied as what I write, because there are different kinds of geek out there and in my own little silly way I want to salute them.

That’s why I write on my blog, that’s why I write novels and stories, that's why I indulge in poetry, that’s why I make visual typos, adventures with Twist, silly pictures and geek out at any opportunity anyone gives me if they mention any of my fandoms.

Because it not only is Ok to be a geek, it’s pretty awesome.

You can wear shirts that clearly establish you’re a geek, with some cerebral capabilities and a sense of humor. You can have action figures with which you identify. You can embrace characters so much that you cry every time they get killed. You can name pets and plants after your favorite character. You can be you and there’s an ever growing community of people that will accept you exactly as you are.

So for me, I’m a surfer, I’m a writer, I’m a gamer, I’m a poet, I’m a singer, I’m a guitarist, and I am a geek…. Because I am me and all of these things are held within the definition of my self.

What’s your definition include?

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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