Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rant in Estrada Minor – 1,000 words of what I want to do with my writing

I want my words to bring tears to your eyes. Tears of joy and sadness. I want a page of my writing to bring such emotion that you don’t know how to properly process what you just read. I want to make you think. Not just skimming your consciousness but really think. I want my words to invite you to question humbly, not arrogantly or aggressively. I want a daydream to make you smile and for that smile to come back to you when you taste something that comes from a daydream or you see a sunset that reminds you of all the lands we visit in Draem. I want you to start committing typos when you write Raelity. I want to show a different side to vampires. I want to challenge you. I respect you too much not to push you so I will push you. Sometimes more than others, but I will always challenge you because I don’t believe in spoon-feeding. I want my poetry to linger. I want it to fit in with your mood. I want to write that book you have to use tape so it doesn’t tear further. My dream is to share my dream and dreams. I want you to hate me when one of my characters die. I want you to hum a song I wrote. I want you to make a playlist and be fortunate enough to be on it. I want to surprise you on every page. I want what I write and how I write it to leave a mark. I want you to hate me for not writing faster. I want to be that link you share with a friend to offer support. I want my writing to make a difference. I want to heal through my writing and invite you and help you to heal as well. I want you to see the value in laughing, in crying, and in anger. I want my emotions to pour purely from my hands onto paper and for you to feel what I felt. I want you to find the hundreds of Easter eggs and random miscellaneous references I make. I want you to read me out of curiosity and never pity. I want you to like or hate what I write so much that you leave a review. I want to shake your hand after you read something I wrote. I want you to read something very personal and nod in agreement being Ok for feeling what you feel. I want you to see that breaking isn’t bad as long as you remember to get back up, to always get up, to always go forward, to follow your path, to embrace your dreams, to pursue happiness and damn the rest. I want you to forget that I’m an indie author until after you finish the book. I want to show that you can do it all if you’re stubborn enough to commit to your dreams. I want to make you shake your head at a Teactionary entry or a Visual Typo. I want you to feel compelled to check my youtube channel to see what other random thing I’ve posted. I want you to send me questions, so I can answer, and then we can talk. I want to write a quote you put on your fridge. I want your children to draw a character from the daydreams. I want you to see one of my Blanc Comics and help me see the stories I have to tell. I want my blog to be on your RSS feed. I want to write in every genre. I want the fact that I challenge myself to be something you can connect with. I want you to laugh out loud in class when you read a tweet instead of paying attention. I want the dedications I write in my books to mean something to you. I want my hands to cramp up from writing so much. I want to keep going. I want to write more. I want to take all the ideas I’ve ever dared to put on paper to make it to real life. I want to write about business, the real world, demons, faeries, and everything I can think of. I want to use the massive pile of random trivia to make you go AHA while reading. I want my fire to kindle yours. I want to make it to your bookshelf, I want to make it into a library, I want to make it onto a curriculum. I want my writing to matter because it reflects a part of you that you didn’t know was there. I want my lyrics to carve deeply. I want my smiles to cause your smiles. I want to write something worthy of an amusement park. I want you to see the movie we both want our book to become. I want you to dream for yourself. I want you to dream with me. I want to share dreams. I want you to ask for help if you need it. I want you to feel more than OK about yourself. I want you to look in the mirror and see my words telling you that it’s not just Ok to be yourself, but a magnificent thing. I want a part of you to die when a character of mine dies. I know I said it, but people think me a sadistic bastard when they have no idea how hard it was to let go. I want my madness to inspire your madness. I want to inspire you to be your own brand of weird and rock it. I want you to want to drink more tea, wear crazy socks, and laugh a little more. I want to be on your book of the year list. I don’t want you to follow me… I want you to join me. And in the end, I want to write and be read. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

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