Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Listy Time: top 10 Cosplays I want to see

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of cosplay and cosplayers. I love when people invest their time and skill to bring a slice of fiction to real life and fully admit to that being one of my favorite parts of going to any convention. Does this mean I would love to see someone cosplay my characters someday? You betcha!!! But for now, why don’t we explore the top cosplays I haven’t seen in person and would love to see done right!

10. Synergy (from JEM): Since the movie was an insult to the 80’s, why not start making things right with a properly executed cosplay of the virtual console. How complicated you want to make it will definitely be up to the cosplayers although here's a hint, I'm looking to see someone with the ENTIRE console (Ok, not much of a hint, but you get what I mean). 

9. Mazinger/Voltron: I would love to see either of these iconic robots in all their splendor. As a kid I watched a LOT of cartoons and in this case, Mazinger, “El Festival de los Robots” (Puerto Rican 80’s programming), and Voltron were always among my favorites. I really think a properly made cosplay of either would look more than kick ass.

8. Dynamo from the Running Man: I LOVE obscure cosplays and the odder the better. That said, I’m surprised I haven't seen anyone take this cosplay on or at least that I have seen in person. Just for the sheer over-the-topness I think it could be quite awesome. Bonus points if they sing opera.

7. Silverhawks/Thunder Cats: ANY character from either of these series I want to see although I’ll admit I am partisan to the SilverHawks because I want to witness someone pull off that reflective armor. Iconic as they are, the challenges for each set of cosplays is as daunting as it should be alluring.

6. Cobra Commander: I want that reflective facemask and someone to do the voice. Am I weird? Did you JUST notice? Still, that doesn’t mean that this wouldn’t make an awesome cosplay and to be honest, one I haven’t seen done right yet.

5. Ghost Server (Blood Sword Comics): The main influence for the Gerald Order from my Human Cycle series is probably Ghost Server from the long defunct Jademan Comic series, The Blood Sword. These comics made an impact that will be with me all of my life and Ghost Server was a man who had both arms cut off, his face mutilated, and still they couldn't kill him. His lack of arms means he uses a long braid to wreak havoc, his speed was unparalleled, and only a handful of people had more kicking power than him. His face mask is the work of dreams and he still visits mine. I remember when I had an action figure lose two arms to wear and tear. It was one of the best things in my life. :D

4. Samus Aran: I don’t mean Zero Suit Samus, or a sexy Samus. I mean the orginal badass Samus Aran that forever made me love strong female characters (one of the best reveals of ANY video game). I want a Nerf Ball arm cannon. I want a retractable visor. I want a pet morph ball. I want it all!!!!!!

3. Ganondorf: there are SO many versions of Ganon that I can’t begin to choose one over the other. I just want to see one. Ocarina’s? Twilight Princess? Wind Waker? Skyward Sword? Whichever it is, THIS is one of the cosplays I most want to see.

2. Dream of the Endless: The main character from one of the literary works that has most shaken me, Dream can be a sight to behold if done properly. Although I’ve seen Death done beautifully, I’m still waiting for the real Dream. :D

1. The Three Storms from Big Trouble in Little China: Last but not least, if you read me, if you know me, or you hear me talk, you know Big Trouble in Little China is one of my favorite movies of all time. Case in point, I used to put on a laundry basket on my head as a kid as I made like one of the Three storms. Weapons, headgear, attitude… This could be so kick ass.

So let’s put it this way, if I’m ever at a Comic Con and you cosplay, and you do ANY of these, PLEASE come over and I promise to make it worth your time. Plus, how often do you get to hear a grown man giggle like a kid?

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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