Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why I don't auto-reply

A lot of people you follow on different social media and within a minutes they reply... or more so a bot does.


I have never automated replies because I think of how I feel when I get one and although it is convenient, I don't want any contact with me to leave that bitter taste in your mouth.

Being fascinated by all things human and the component of humanity in our lives, automating anything would feel fake and as "un-me" as I could think of. The more time passes, the more I'm disappointed when I have a new follower only to be contacted by their bot.

I get it. Life is busy. We're busy. We all have a ton of things on the plate, but think of those times when the human touch makes the difference. When human interventions improve an experience exponentially. Now think of every time you have to call a "convenient" call center where getting in touch with a voice, a real human voice, is nigh impossible.

That's why I don't automate anything. I do my best to reply to everyone on every channel and I even paused writing this blogpost to respond to someone who had written me on Facebook. It matters to me to do that because I want everyone to know that they are valued.

To have anyone show any interest in what I do with SO much content out there truly shows how lucky I am. That people retweet me, fav me, comment on Instagram, follow on Facebook, thumb up on youtube, and beyond is all so special to me because someone showed that they cared.

So the least I can do is care back.

The Industrial Revolution made production easier on a mass scale, it also left countless people without jobs. There is good and bad to this automation thing, but to me, nothing can replace the gift of time. So for as long as I can do it and how much I can do it, I shall always be the one doing the writing and commenting, because I have that old school desire.

Some people ask where do we find the time and I think the challenge is to make time yield as much as it possibly can. So to everyone who comments, messages, likes, and favs, thank you for your generous gift. If I delay, my bad... but I will always do my best to get back to you.



  1. Agreed. Bots suck.

    1. BIEN duro lol. :D Thanks for being a pixie dust wonder of a human :D

  2. I don't give a damn about what a bot is trying to push. Give me an interactive, responsive human if you want me to care about the artist and their work. Be you.
    Otherwise I block your spamming ass.

    1. Same here, and also had a nice purge fest on twitter. in addition, people who ONLY push their work constantly? Not cool either... but that's another post. ;) Thanks for reading, caring, and interacting. Cheers ;)