Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Mother's Day Tradition Continues with Roulette of Rhymes

For the last four years, I have been able to maintain a Mother's Day tradition of releasing a book on Mother's Day. Until I began writing this post I thought it was the last 3 years, but then I noticed that I released Between the Tides also on Mother's Day. So that's 4 in a row and I'm happy to announce that the tradition continues this year with Roulette of Rhymes.

To me, Mother's Day is every day but I do my best to celebrate every Mother's Day by publishing and releasing a book as a tribute to all the moms.

The first year of my writing career, it was Between the Tides, in 2015 it was the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore.

Last year I published my first fully Spanish work in Pensando en Metáforas.

Each of this works is special for its own right and I release them on this day because if we can celebrate national pancake day, we best celebrate Mother's Day BIG time.

It's no secret I love my mom and it shall never be a secret because I've learned that showing our love and emotions is a good thing. Letting other people know how much and why you love someone is also a good thing.

My mom is my inspiration for so many things and her example has always inspired me. She always keeps going forwards and always wears that beautiful smile of hers. She makes me proud beyond measure and I shall always release a book on this day to show how much she means to me and that my love for her is embedded in my heart in my DNA, and in my work.

Te amo, Mama.

Let's see what new surprises we'll have for next year. +

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