Tuesday, April 3, 2018

For Writing Out Loud... in Book Form!

It's not every day you accidentally publish a book, but since this book is based on this blog, I think it goes with the personality of the blog.

For Writing Out Loud has been a place where I can definitely make a lot of sense of what I feel and experience in life but I didn't want those posts to just live on the Internet. I wanted to give them new life, new structure, new purpose and meaning, so I collected the best posts from the first 4 years of my blog 2013-2016 (reads like three but counts like 4) and I began thinking of those posts as parts of a book. I've seen other books based on blogs and some work, while many don't. My main issue with the ones that "don't work" (for me anyways) is that they're a pure copy paste when they could have been so much more. 

My book didn't include all my posts and for several good reasons. First off, I wasn't going to include reviews or interviews because like I said above, I wanted to repurpose those posts and I did so by formatting everything with one focus, to have a positive impact. That's something you'll read from me and hear me say often, because that was a life decision many years ago. For the longest time I was cynical and a highly entertaining pessimist... but in the end, beyond the chuckles and laughs you can inspire, that doesn't do much. I got called out on it and it hurt because I knew I could be doing something much better with my time than being the bitter asshole. 

So I changed and if you see my writing throughout the last 10 years, you can see that shift. It was very marked for me and I have felt my life go to a much better place since I did. Am I filthy rich? No. Am I a best seller? No. Am I an award winning author? Nope. But my words have helped people on certain occasions and that means more to me than the rest. 

Sure I want to be successful and live off my writing, but it hasn't happened and I'm well aware of several reasons for that. I could be all salty, or I could accept it as part of my Writer Journey and life journey and just roll with it. For Writing Out Loud embodies that sentiment a lot because it's not meant to be the next chicken soup for the soul, it's me talking about things that are in my head and heart, things I need to read as much as I need to write in order to process what I feel. It's deeply personal and one of the most honest barebones slices of me you'll ever read, which will be the case every single time I decide to write non-fiction (spoiler alert, another book will be published soon, so stay tuned). 

I was editing, proofreading, getting ready to schedule this book and oops, I pressed publish. And I swear it was that silly and that stupid that I had to laugh. It was a happy accident that I released a book before I even had any time to promote it, but that's so me that who am I to judge divine intervention and silly clicks?

If you'd like to purchase my books, as per usual I'm recommending you to visit online clicking here and for the physical version to go to Libros 787. Sure you can buy it off Amazon, but if you go to Libros 787, you'll get a free eBook of your choosing and a free MP3 track from yours truly. If you're curious as to what I sound like, by all means check my song playlist on my BookTube channel by clicking here.

Anyways, just wanted to talk a but more about my new book, but if you have extra questions or want to leave comments, by all means, visit that lovely comments section down below and indulge. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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