Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why I do what I do and how I do it

Some people say they have it all figured out. I don't. What I do have is a reason for most or all of what I do and how I do it. 

From how I am as a human, a man, a husband, a friend, a song, a Hispanic, a writer, and even as a would be musician, I try to have a purpose be it to have a positive impact, discussing difficult topics, crafting something for me and others to escape, or to write something that may help me heal my soul while also helping someone else. 

I've been asked why I do so many things and whether it distracts me from what matters. Here's the thing, what matters to me the most is to have a positive impact. So that youtube video, that tweet, that google + share, that blog post, that picture on Instagram, that share on Facebook, that comment, it all has a purpose, to bring a smile, to show someone that they matter, to show that if someone is hurting, someone else cares, to inspire, to invite to create, and to promote understanding. 

I have a pretty creative nature and I like to embrace it all because I don't want to wonder. I want to push myself creatively because it honestly brings me a lot of happiness to do so. From a doodle, to a novel, I like giving it all a try because I want to show that there are no limits if you just put yourself in a situation to give it a shot. 

By no means am I a professional musician, yet this year when the opportunity to record my music arose, I went for it, because why not? When I was asked by the Puerto Rico Comic Con staff if I would be willing to interview Claudia Gray, I said yes, because why not? 

In regards to doing different things on social media platforms I do what I do because I truly believe every platform has its language and beauty. I share doodles, silly pictures, and countless visual captures on Instagram because sometimes a silly post can help you get to a better place. I write these blog posts and countless other things because you can connect to other people via written thoughts. I post songs and ramblings on youtube because I believe there is a desire and need to connect and sometimes you need a friendly face to say everything is going to be all right or to drink tea and tell you what they thought about something they wrote or read. I share on my Facebook page several things because sometimes you need something random to inspire. I tweet because I like the challenge of condensing thoughts to 140 characters plus it's amazing how much support we can offer in a tweet.

In my work, I write poetry because I believe it helps me to become a much better writer. I write novels because some of the best lessons in my life have come from stories. I do the Blanc Comics because I want young people to be inspired and to be tolerant of points of view. I also want young artists to have a way to showcase their skills. I take poetry to comic conventions because I will never underestimate an audience and shall always share the deepest of me. I talk to people to the point of losing my voice at conventions because some people just need a friendly voice to talk to. I also do it because I want to show I'm just a guy with dreams and goals who is not afraid to go for it. I do that to show them I not only care but am very much looking forward to seeing their work.

So if you ever wonder why I do so many things, why I put so much effort, the only real answer is this:

Because why not?

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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