Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Get your read on: The Smoke in His Eyes by Shane Wilson

I've known Shane Wilson for a while and although we still haven't been able to meet up for some drinks and to jam some tunes, I've had the chance to chat with him from time to time and it's just nice to meet like minded people who are going for it. Seriously, a really likable guy and at least for me, someone with whom clicking is pretty easy so pardon me if I recommend reading or connecting with a fellow author just for being a cool dude. So it came to my attention he released a new book and although we've yet to read each other, we both have each other's books in our TBR. I asked if he had anything to say about his new novel and he said, "well yeah!" Below is his press release for his new book, The Smoke in His Eyes, a novel about maintaining a muse and grip on reality and how an artist’s inspiration binds them together. If it sounds like something up your alley, then by all means, go for it.

* * *

Every artist needs inspiration, and where they find it is often up to chance. This is what the main character in Genz’s newest publication wrestles with. The Smoke in His Eyes is a magical realism novel sure to sing sweetly to your senses. It tells the story of TJ, a musician plagued with visions from a traumatic event in his childhood that confuse his grip on reality. He meets a fellow artist named Muna who helps him make sense of the visions, and yet she seems to be made of smoke herself. His journey through his relationship with her explores what an artist’s relationship with his inspiration is like. 

A graduate of Valdosta State University in south Georgia, Shane Wilson feels both at home and out-of-place as a child of the southern United States. He holds a Masters in English and taught college English in Georgia before moving to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2013. Shane’s first novel, A Year Since the Rain was long-listed for the 2017 Southern Book Prize. He is the winner of the 2017 Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize for his story “The Boy Who Kissed the Rain,” which has subsequently been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His poetry has appeared in anthologies such as Tethered by Letters and the Stonepile Writers' Anthology, Volume III. He is currently working on a new novel and a collection of short stories.

The Smoke in His Eyes is available now in paperback and on Kindle.


Shane Wilson can be reached at shane@shanewilsonauthor.com

GenZ Publishing can be reached at info@genzpublishing.org 

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