Saturday, May 11, 2013

Only Human: The Prologue

Pitiful humans… How you parade and frolic in your false grandiosity. There you go again, constantly proclaiming your dominion of the cosmos, while remaining oblivious to an existence you barely grasp. “Masters of the Universe!” you boldly declare yourselves.
At best, you are the logical primate that has for some irreverent reason proliferated and become the dominant species; some malignant termite that through sheer force in numbers has climbed echelon after echelon in the evolutionary scale, until reaching the zenith of this world’s food chain. If alive, your Darwin would be most unpleasantly surprised.
Plagues, natural disasters, epidemics, World Wars and still your societies prevail as a collective pest that not only survives, but thrives with reckless abandon, no matter what grave circumstances it may face.
If pressed for an answer, surely any of your kind would say that all this has been possible through the delightful virtue you call hope. I would counter by singling your resilience as the only true asset worthwhile of your kind. And no, resilience is not the same as hope. One is tangible while the other is almost poetic, metaphorical even. Still, no matter the adversity, as a whole you always manage to remain tick-like, refusing to be shaken off your carrier. Quite a useful quality, since you also represent the livestock of sustenance for other species.
How impressive that for however un-evolved and barbaric as you may be, you still manage to be the dominant race on this planet. Something to truly marvel at, because even hating each other and discriminating based on color, creed, race, and whatever other classification you so ingeniously concoct, the status quo of your quid pro quo ways remains. Flesh begets flesh while your souls result in nothing more than a mockery of the very gods you so doubtfully fear.
Yet now we must look to aid you in regards to the biggest problem humankind faces: itself. My kind and others in line must put aside our differences to rescue all world kind, no matter how close we have come to extinction at the hands of one another. For now, we shall forget our mutual aversions in the hope that we may all survive to kill each other some other day.
But the abomination that is humanity is the reason we unite, for it seems that in the enemy resides the solution to our common predicament. Quite interesting since like vaccines, it seems the cure is found within the disease. Let us hope that my instincts and judgment prove true instead of having failed me once again. 

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  2. Glad you're still in, Madame Hall. Let's read the other comment. :D