Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who is J.D. Estrada?

Communications specialist, Public Relations strategist, creative copywriter, translator, brand strategist.... these are all terms used to describe J.D. Estrada in his day job setting. 

The fact is that these are all masks he has worn at some time to earn a living and he's done pretty well for himself, focusing on results rather than awards. Yet still something inside him begged for attention... the desire to write... not functionally or strategically but creatively.

After years working in advertising, J.D. decided there were better ways to write fiction. Born on August 13th, he always dreamt about being an inventor, he just didn't know he'd do it using words. Where some people choose to invent new products, he has chosen to invent worlds through words.

He has just digitally published his first book and it's called Only Human. There will be more information about the book and probably even an excerpt or two so you can get the gist of it and see if it's something you'd enjoy reading. If you'd like to see his author page on Amazon, here's the link:

This blog was created to share what I write with the world, so thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy what you read. 

Peace, love and maki rolls.



  1. Intrigued enough to keep looking around. love your humor.

  2. Glad to be entertaining luv. Sometimes I'm lucky enough that I make people laugh... other times, I just cause them to laugh. :) Btw, thanks for all the comments and I'll be replying to each in kind.

  3. so this is your story,...pretty good for a first write(says me sorry) but i love how you put it....great

    1. I always do my best except that my best today is different than before. :D It's part of my story and plenty more to tell :D