Monday, February 3, 2014

Audible inspiration: Nine Inch Nails

Dark music does tend to stir the soul and Trent Reznor has spent over two decades bringing the dark to my ears pushing through the flesh of my soul with his Nine Inch Nails. Consistently thought provoking, industrial music grew to what it once became riding on the shoulders of its proverbial Prince of Darkness.

From melancholy, to anger, to sex and the exploration of the darkest corners of our soul, Nine Inch Nails has allowed me to delve deep into my shadow. From Pretty Hate Machine to Hesitation Marks and all the halos in between, this music inspires me to embrace my rage, explore my sexuality and accept that some parts of me would gladly pummel someone if I gave it free rein and that darkness is a part of us.

There are so many dark masterpieces to enjoy that it’s no wonder I’m feeding off extensively off Nine Inch Nails for the sequel to Only Human. Although my first book was dark, the second will be quite darker. Maybe it’s a case of Empire Strikes Back syndrome, although the reasoning behind it is that I need to go as deep and dark as I can in the story, because that’s where Nathaniel and company need to go. As humans, some people think we’re capable of living in the light constantly and that we are supposed to shut out the darkness. I am of another school of thought.

I propose understanding our dark tendencies to always be aware of what stirs inside to be mindful and have a chance at control. All pure light is impossible when it comes to humans because even the purest light casts a shadow. So here’s to our darkness.



  1. As always you touch the essence of humanity, the inner reflection of those dark thoughts we hide away.

  2. I am fascinated by what makes us human. It is definitely a topic that I'm passionate about and I think we should all try and be a little more human by exploring all sides of us.