Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Audible inspiration: Queens of the Stoneage

If you need the definition of Swag, look no further than Queens of the Stoneage. Equal parts stoner rock, punk rock, blues and psychedelia, Queens pulls no punches when they rock out with their socks out, equally comfortable talking about cocaine as they are about vampires, time or counterfeits. They have a unique groove that is all thanks to its leader and single constant member, Joshua Homme.

As if style wasn’t enough to get you by these days, talent and a live show that will trump anything you’ve ever seen, Queens of the Stoneage is an excellent display of a band’s band that is also accessible to the public in both content and music. Wildly innovative, Josh Homme is one of rock’s current greatest guitarists belting out funky riffs and grooves that will make you want to write as much as you will want to shake your rumpshaker.

Queens is at times silly, at times dark and at all times awesome, consistently putting out albums that rival for album of the year and with the highest points in their catalogue for Songs of the Deaf and their recent Like Clockwork. Given the moniker the Ginger Elvis, Josh Homme sings with a croon all his own juxtaposing smooth vocals with dark lyrics and gritty music. If you haven’t checked them out, dive right in. The water is fine... and dark... and inviting.



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