Sunday, August 17, 2014

If it scares you, odds are it's worthwhile

There you are... looking at what you’ve just written on the page... you think about your mom and dad, your friends and your significant other... what will they say? What will people think about what you’re committing to paper... you even question whether you should leave something in your story or not......

Odds are you should.

When you’re writing, it’s natural to have fear because once you publish something, your words cease to be yours, they become the readers’ and that’s a frightening thought because what if people understand things incorrectly. Well, this is actually a possibility with anything you do any day of your life. If people feel the need to misconstrue what you say over coffee, you’ll hear about it.

So that’s when you have to ask the real question... why do you want to include that part in your story? Is it just because you want to irk someone or is it because it’s something you believe in. The deeper the reason and motivation, the more you should follow your instinct because if something moves you, odds are it’ll move someone else.

Then what to do?

The decision to not include something is based on fear... imagine letting go of your fear. Imagine being true to your vision and committing to a topic you think is important to share. Picture yourself not judging and not being judged... engaging in dialogue, conversing.

Now imagine depriving yourself of this bliss, just because you want to remain in someone’s good graces. The problem is that eventually, if you only write to make others happy, you will be left without things to say, because someone, somewhere will take offense to your perspective.

So by all means... let go, be true to your word... and put it down on paper. 

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