Friday, July 17, 2015

Calling all Frands

Although I’m not one for asking for charity, I am one for looking a goal in the eye and saying, let’s do this. As an indie author, there is no advertising budget and no media tour. We do most everything fueled by determination and the momentum readers are kind enough to contribute to.

So I have a few goals I’d like to share, if you don’t mind and what I’ll do once we achieve them:

Twitter Followers: I recently hit 3,000 followers which is awesome, though why stop there? Help me get to 3,500 and I’ll do a video talking about what it’s like to be an indie author and for every new hundred followers, I’ll take requests for new videos.

Google Plus: Currently, 397 followers. If we get to 500, I’ll take requests to read some of your favorite blogposts on video.

Facebook: Currently 383 likes. Help me get to 450 and I’ll read the Prologue to Only Human.


Only Human: currently 8 reviews. Help me get to 15 and I’ll read the first chapter for you guys. Help me get to 25, and I’ll read the first two chapters.

Between the Tides: Currently 3 reviews. Help me get to 10 and I’ll read the Sea, one of my favorite poems from that collection. Help me get to 20 reviews and I’ll read Stumble, another favorite.

Dark Strands: Currently 2 reviews. Let’s get to 10 and I’ll read all of the micro poems in one go. Get to 20? And I’ll read Rats in the Dark by candle light.

Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore: Currently 1 review. Let’s share the dream and get 10 reviews. If we do that, I’ll record the first daydream. If we get to 30? I’ll record a short daydream that will only exist in video form.

So what do you say guys? Are you in?



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