Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My wishlist

As a writer, there are so many ways to fill out such a list. Success and relevance are obviously high on there, but that’s too obvious. So here are some of the less obvious entries on my wishlist.

I wish to have enough success to have the means to print my books in hardcover with beautiful illustrations in them.

I’d like frands to enjoy my work so much to create and show me fan art or maybe even do a cosplay of one of my characters.

I dream of having a work animated by Studio Ghibli. Sure, a live action film would be fantastic, but to see an animated daydream… ah how I wish. Or one of my next books. 

I wish to collaborate on music and have someone listen to one of my tracks while driving with their windows down and volume way up.

I want people to pick favorites with my characters.

I want to hear someone notice little details I've hidden in my works and call me out on them. :D

I want to make someone cry from reading a poem.

I dream of people having nightmares about my darker material.

I wish for more time to do what I love and connect with more people.

I want to write scripts for several video games.

I dream of being good enough to write a Dr. Who episode.

I wish for the opportunity to bring one of my works to script form to make the movie based on my vision.

I want to be the reason for several people to dream of being a writer.

I wish to be successful enough to visit distant places and meet all the kind people that read me and with whom I’ve connected all around the world.

I want to be eating an ice cream sundae and see a kid texting with a t-shirt of one of my works. Not fond of the texting part, but I have to be realistic :D

I wish for my books to be part of a school curriculum and to have the opportunity to hear an English professor get it totally wrong.

I'd love for Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling to read one of my works and enjoy it thoroughly just to give a bit back from all they've given me.

I wish to jot down a list of songs for a soundtrack for one of my films, to meet those artists with their reps and make that soundtrack happen.

I wish to write my best in different genres so that a librarian can often point to one of my works to recommend because they enjoyed it.

I hope the guys from Pearl Jam enjoy a book I'm writing using one of their song names as the title of the book. Who knows, wouldn't mind throwing caution to the wind and singing a song with them one day, even if it's by a campfire. :D Still, part of me would like for them to enjoy that work enough to give their blessing because that song means enough to me to want to use it as the title of a book.

I wish to see someone reading a paperback version of my book on a subway... and missing a stop because they were enjoying it so much.

I wish for a project I'm working on to make a difference in the education system.

I dream about reading to a bunch of kids and seeing their eyes sparkle eager to visit the worlds I create.

I want to make people laugh until it hurts.

I want someone to be destroyed by something I write in a book, finishing the chapter in tears and cursing me for making them cry, while at the same time thanking me. 

I dream of being worthy, interesting, inspiring and significant enough to be called for a commencement speech.

I dream… I wish… and I write. 


  1. As long as you dream your dreams, be assured some or all of them will come true one day. Maybe one at a time but you will realize the ones that are right for you, J.D. Keep dreaming.

    1. Too kind and trust me, I am a dreamer and then some. I'll do it step by step and I shall continue doing and giving my best. Every time I hear people read me and often I just want special people in my life to enjoy what I offer so that it's mutual :D Cheers and thank you so much for commenting.

  2. so sweet...i hope and wish all your dreams come true :) wishng for your joy me :) happy?? :D

    1. You're also super sweet. I'm willing to work for those dreams and I'm happy because great people are reading me around the world. :D Cheers