Friday, December 4, 2015

Brewed to perfection

In the cup within thy soul
The bean that's never been
Will be a scene that's never seen
Regardless of the toll.

Coffee oh coffee
Sweet nectar of life
A sip of pure patience
As I push through the strife.

Some sugar to soothe
The oh so bitter tooth.
Let me not be uncouth
And offer proof.

Tis you that let's me deal
Thanks to thee I can steal,
Another day, another dollar,
another ray, to loosen my collar.

To the coffee of my cup
I give thanks for filling me
With bitter life
With riveting relief

With you
through me
On a saucer that's landed
and a stirrer that's stranded.

Let us kiss and dance
in my gut
through my brain
past my heart
And into chance.


  1. Love this one, JD! It's so lyrical, flowing...

    1. Master Odinsknot, my thanks for the kind kind words. Here's to flowing my friend. Cheers