Tuesday, August 16, 2016

New blog series

Every time I do a Writer Wednesday interview, I can’t help but marvel at how fascinating some people are. I always love interviewing writers because I think it’s interesting to ask things outside of the norm and see how their minds think. They’re passionate, committed, and very driven. But guess what, writers are not the only driven people I’ve come to know.

Through my adventures as an indie writer and interacting with fascinating people of all aspects in life, the fact is clear I’ve met some amazing humans. People with passions, not hobbies, passions, who go for broke, give it their all and inspire others through a variety of ways.

It could be makeup, vlogging, blogging, reading, painting, crafts, knitting, cooking, designing clothes, yoga, bodyboarding, doing podcasts, doing standup, reviewing products, trying coffee, hunting ghosts, exercising, you name it. If you give yourself the chance to interact, you’ll meet great people and indeed I have.

So seeing that I’ve met so many people with drive and passion, I’m starting up a new blog series called Driven. The first entry should be in the coming days so you can meet them AND their passions so stay tuned. For now though....

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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