Friday, August 12, 2016

Paying 36 forwards

Turning 36 is no particular milestone for most people, but for me, I have a lot to celebrate. 8 published books, 3 of which were published this year, over 600 people on G+, over 4,900 people on Twitter, over 500 people on Facebook, 69 people on Youtube, almost 400 on Instagram, and just so much to be thankful for. A new job opportunity, a change of environment, kind people welcoming me to a new city, and the support of my wife, my family, and friends every step of the way.

So I thought that for this weekend I want to pay the kindness shown to me forwards. That’s why I’ve put all 8 of my books at $0.99 on Amazon and for every book bought this weekend, I’ll match it with $1 to donate to the AmericanCancer Society.

Every year I do short periods of time where all proceeds go to the cause of my choosing and I match it and it’s something I’ll keep doing because it’s the least I can do for the blessings I’ve received and continue to receive. My father passed away from cancer 13 years ago this month. My mom is a breast cancer survivor as well as many wonderful people in my life. So I’ve always wanted to help fund research in some way and from what I’d researched, many companies did not convince me, except St. Jude’s. Enter recent research on the American Cancer Society and I see an organization that is individually funded (meaning not tied to the government) that is completely dedicated to researching cancer treatments (over 40 of their researchers are Nobel Prize winners), an organization that offers courtesy lodging through their Hope Lodge and free transportation to treatment, not to mention 24/7 emotional support for patients AND caregivers, and countless other things and initiatives that got me to thinking of them as a good option for my donation.

So for this weekend, all of my books are available for $7.93. That’s 4 poetry collections, one bilingual collection, one short story collection, and two novels for less than you’d spend on a decent lunch. If anyone spends that amount, I’ll put $8 on my donation next week. I’ve taken a screenshot right now to monitor sales and to snap one on Monday morning. Whatever I sell goes to the ACS and I’ll match it up to $300. I’m also preparing an exclusive collection for anyone who donates to the American Cancer Society, but that’s for later in the year. For now, buy a book and help a good cause.

I’ll be sharing posts on social media with the hashtag #WritesForLife so keep an eye out for that and all things tied to that hashtag. I’ll be doing my birthday post on time this year, but for now, my sincerest thanks for all the angels in my life, to all the people kind enough to read me, to review me, to watch me, to listen to me, and who give me a chance. As an indie author, that’s all I ask for, just a chance, and on this occasion, I’m asking for a chance to help more than I can alone.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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