Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Report Card

In a year that was full of challenges, where we lost so many people who formed part of our lives, where fear was often rampant, as well as intolerance, it was still a year I want to consider a good year. For me, it was a year of many lessons, where I asked many questions of myself and was luckily able to come up with answers I can consider to be good. Where I took so many risks, where I said let’s do this and did it for the most part.

At the beginning of last year, I did a post of what I would do in the year… and this is my report card. It is where I give weight to what I wrote and adopt a sense of accountability for what I said I would do. I chose this forum not to make a fuss about it but to put my money where my mouth is although this year wasn’t about money, it was about risk and reward. About going for it. About accepting my fear and still going for it. I made a huge list, and here it is –reprinted from last year with what my results.

1. Publish Book 2 of the Human Cycle. Shadowof a Human was published in May of last year and it is a book I’m proud because as a literary and narrative work, I do think I was able to raise the bar and to further the story along intensely. the Human Cycle is a deeply personal work and this second installment is a much tighter and darker read. Now let's do book 3. 

2. Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore, Volume 2. This goal I did NOT do and it was more of a question of doubting the project or how it was perceived or understood (misunderstood?). It is a project I’m still very fond of but I had some questions and I got some answers. I was happy to convince a lovely book club to read me and give me their honest thoughts and it did offer much food for thought I’ll be integrating into the last two stories of Volume 2 and the entire format of Volume 3.

3. Ensueños de Mermelada. The Spanish version of the daydreams were put on hold as well as most Spanish projects in favor of other projects and to study what I want to do and apply the lessons learned in the Daydreams. I'll also be reading much more in Spanish which will no doubt feed my desire to write in my native tongue.

4. Philosophy project. I need to rendezvous with my dear friend and collaborator to bring this project to life this year. Last year was a year of changes, of shift, of learning, this year the goal is clearer and I am in a more stable environment so this will be one of three collaborations I shall continue and possibly finish within the year.

5. Spanish poetry collection. I was able to publish Pensando en Metáforas and although I’m happy with how it came out, I honestly have no idea what people think. No ratings, no reviews, no reactions. All this could dissuade other people, but to me it makes me want to get answers and to push my writing harder, so that’s what I will do.

6. Bilingual Collection. Another completed work published which I am very proud of. Although not much of a reaction yet, I have heard great things from a couple of people. I can hope and wish for reviews and further feedback, but this is something I shall continue to pursue. I am very proud of Twenty Veinte and it is a milestone I know I’ll look back on.

7. Love poetry collection & 8. Heartbreak collection. I decided to postpone these projects in favor of others. I shall be releasing either these two simultaneously or with a third work. They have grown and shall continue to grow, but until they’re ready, I’ll keep working on them.

9. Bukowski inspired collection. I was able to finish this collection and it shall be released within the first two months of 2017. I pushed hard for a different lyrical approach and I really enjoyed pushing into new territory. I hope you do too.

10. Haiku book. Finished the text but still tinkering with the design. When it’s ready, I shall release it. Not one moment before.

11. Sci-fi novella. I promised I’d finish this work last year and I didn’t, but I did work on it and I shall continue to work on it until I finish. Expect this ready for the 2017 Puerto Rico Comic Con.

12. Young adult novel. I was going to submit this to competition and thought better of it. I chose instead to work on it for me and to take my time with it. I finished the manuscript in December and will be releasing it early in the year.

13. Blog collection. Still working on the proper format for this book to not just copy and paste it. I believe the words within need some fine tuning and am looking fwd to tackling it in the second half of the year.

14. Method to Madness. I decided to push this project back until I have more content for it. I could push for it to be done this year, but I’d rather take my time with it rather than force it.

15. Noir novel. I need to finish this project before the 2016 PRCC, so expect me to push hard. Didn’t touch it last year but for good reason. My notes are still on the Island.

16. Greek mythology project. The notes are still in PR as well and it was going to be the project I worked on for NaNoWrimo but will instead be doing that THIS year.

17. Sólo Humano. This is a hell of a project and I will desist from giving any sort of ETA. It’s an intense work and I want to focus on doing the best Spanish adaptation instead of meeting any deadline.

18. 5 Non-fiction projects. I began work on 3 of 4 titles I want to work on. Scrapped one of the Non-fictions because while studying and analyzing, wasn’t loving where it was going and I shall never force anything.

19. Teactionary. I shall continue working on my Teactionary posts but only when I feel there’s sufficient substance will I pursue a book adaptation.

20. Visual Typos. I had a lot of fun with this project last year and shall continue to do so. Stay tuned for my social media platforms to see what else this brain can come up with :)

21. More videos. I ended the year with well over 100 videos and you can expect 100 more this year. I also more than double my existing subscribers but still at only 146. Let's see what new things we can come up with for the channel but if you haven't subscribed or checked it out, by all means, click here

22. More songs. I posted many songs and FINALLY got around to writing lyrics for them. I shall continue this in the New Year and who knows if anything else. I was thrilled to be able to record in a studio and if another opportunity presents itself or if I can create one, I will.

23. More interviews. I did plenty of interviews last year and shall continue to do so in the pursuit of picking at the brains of more indie authors and creative minded people exploring their passions.

24. Collaboration Nation. I did a couple of these and you can expect more during the year.

25. Book events. Did 2 new book events last year and although I enjoyed them, I will be revising the way I do business with stores in general. 

26. Puerto Rico Comic Con. The 2016 Puerto Rico Comic Con was a complete success for me. I did great in book numbers, sold out of 2 of the Blanc Comics (8 total titles), sold out of copies of Only Human and all of my books did well. It was a lovely experience to see that all my books did well and that different people enjoyed different things.

27. Estrada goes abroad. I am still researching places to do events but expect stateside events since I am now stateside. If you work in a bookstore or a library and would like me over, contact me to see what we can do.

28. Social Media. I was extremely active on social media and all my numbers went up. Thank you for everyone who has subscribed, shared, commented, and supported. It means the world and if there’s anything you’d like to see, by all means, let me know.

29. For Writing Out Loud. Didn’t get to 150 but did crack 100. I think my top number can be 120 so let’s see how I do.

30. Twist. Twist did some appearances but not as much as I think he could have because I pursued other projects.

All in all, I think I did pretty well and would score myself at B+ or A-. Regardless, I feel the need to give thanks to everyone for all the support. It was a year with challenges but plenty of reasons to be thankful and I am very thankful for new readers, new frands, and new projects. Let's make 2017 even better. 

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

Ps.: How about you? how did you do in the year? Will you be putting up any goals for the year? Does that work for you? 


  1. I love how you used your resolutions and weighed your results by grading yourself. This is a fantastic idea. Keep up the good work.

    1. Happy you liked the idea and I do believe accountability can lead to happiness by motivating me to stick to my guns. Happy you're enjoying and thanks so much for the comment. :D Cheers