Friday, February 17, 2017

Adventures in self-promotion – Where to buy me

For months I’ve been working on or promising to work on more self-promotion. It’s funny because a lot of people don’t know I’m published or that I have 8 books, but that is the case, and in very little time, that’s going to go up to 12 and by the end of the year probably more.

What often happens is that people offer to send me cash or checks in exchange for the books because they don’t want to give the money to Amazon or anyone else. Although I appreciate the sentiments, I’d rather lose money in the hopes of more people getting wind of my work and it being reflected in results that are verifiable and not speculation.

So in search of the best online option for physical books, I looked up the links to my Createspace store and am including them here with a small descriptive of the books. Createspace is where I am supposed to earn the most money even if sales don’t register on Amazon (actually not sure on this). Still, I wanted to offer this as an option for people in search of my books.

Thanks to everyone who has asked and supported and your great intentions. I do hope to eventually have my own online store. For the moment, we have this option. 

Estrada Works:

Only Human

My first novel and the first installment of the Human Cycle has Nathaniel Runnels being kidnapped by a vampire and told point blank that either he helps save the world, or he ends up being dinner. The Human Cycle is my deepest explorations for how I define humanity and all the things that make us human. There are a myriad of Easter eggs and moments that evoke Tolkien and Gaiman apparently. A dark and twisted urban fantasy adventure, Only Human is meant to raise questions and invite you to ponder on all the implications of hundreds of “what ifs”.

Shadow of a Human

Book 2 of the Human Cycle occurs two years after the events of Only Human unfold. Although the first book is dark, at times Shadow of a Human makes it look like a Beatrix Potter book. Part of the human aspect that unites us is our consciousness and at times we are bleak in how we express our humanity. Nathaniel has had 2 years to register newfound powers and realizing that absolutely everything in this life comes at a price. As he struggles to retain his humanity and sanity, he is forced to mend in order to find the truths needed to save the world.

Between the Tides

My first poetry collection is based on the ups and downs in the tides of our lives. With poems covering topics like life mistakes, the sea, and cheese, this eclectic collection is bound to entertain as you flow through this life.

Dark Strands
The first collection of dark poetry, imagery is meant to show that there’s beauty in darkness. Including the biting ‘Rats in the Dark’ and the 72 line narrative poem Miranda and the Broken Ghost, which was written with an ABACADABA rhyme scheme, this collection is for those who like a little darkness with their verses.

Captured Moments

Social commentary on gender and racial equality coexists with the finer things in life like tea and beer in this collection of verses. Occasionally chipper and often very in your face, this collection is for those who don’t mind reading intense verses that offer food for thought to be better humans.

Pensando en Metáforas

The first poetry collection in Spanish was done as a tribute to his mother and to keep the promise of releasing something completely in Spanish. Many poems in this collection were written during intense moments just to show that we can find beauty even in the hardest times.

Twenty Veinte

My first bilingual collection, it includes poetry, essays, and short stories in both English and Spanish with a bilingual poem in the middle to transition from one language to the other. Variety is the name of the game and poetry goes from elegant “Marquis de Sade” to decadent “The Cup” to slam poetry “Stop a dealin”. The short stories include sci fi, fantasy, and the upcoming fight of an old boxer.

Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore

My collection of independent short stories set in the world of Draem. Each story is meant to be enjoyed individually although connections sometimes arise, like dreams in that sense. From finding out what curiosity cola tastes like to seeing the performances in the Kung-Fu Circus, this collection is an invitation to let your daydreams and imagination soar.

So there you have it, a little snippet on my books. If you have any questions about these or any of my other works, by all means, ask away. Thank you for reading, and as usual…

Peace, love, and maki rolls

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