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Driven Volume 3: Joe Compton from Go Indie Now!

This series is about people who show some intense drive to pursue their dreams, whatever they are. The first volume was interviewing Kyle Kubitz and his Ghost Blogs. Second installment was Veronica Brannon and her pursuit of fitness and now we’ve come across the incomparable Joe Compton and his movement to help as many people GoIndie Now.

1.     What is Go Indie Now?

GoIndieNow is an online platform that fosters, highlights, and supports Indie artists of all art forms through a series of online shows, our website with news articles, artist spotlights, and blogs. 

2.     How did it come about and why should people check it out?

When I became an Independent Published Author I found out something, really almost miraculous, that I had never experienced before: the unwavering, unconditional support of an entire community. Complete strangers who I had never met and whom never knew of me. I was so welcomed by Indie Authors. As part of the traditional publishing system at first and also an indie filmmaker I found the roads to success lonely and paved with jealousy and spite. That didn’t stop me from meeting some incredibly talented people. Not just film folks but musicians as well. I managed to find a few liked minded artists. So I developed some key relationships over the years. However, I was finding my success in that industry to be lukewarm at best. So when I had the experience I had in the publishing community, I thought my filmmaking friends and musician friends ought to experience this love as well. I thought it would be awesome to have all my friends in one place, hence GOINDIENOW was born.

3.   You cover several areas where indie artists roam. Can you tell us more about that and the commitment to diversity?

Sure; as I said, at first I was just looking to have a place, a community, that had all my friends in one place but then it dawned on me how much we can gleam from one another and how much as artists there is a kismet and moreover a very easily seen crossover. Filmmakers need material to make films (books are a great source), authors need filmmakers and musicians for trailers and to make films that represent their internal visions, filmmakers need musicians to complete their films and add dimension, musicians need filmmakers to help create visuals that encompass and interpret their vision (i.e. music videos and live concerts). Plus, we all share a fundamentalism; storytelling. There is a lot to the how to produce the art aspect someone is mastering but the fundamental principle of why we do it is the same for all of us; we something to say and a story to tell. We should be helping one another do just that.

4.     5 things every indie artist should know

  • You can do anything you set your mind to and there is no reason if you are determined enough that you can’t succeed.
  • There is no one way to do anything. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa but there is plenty of great knowledge out there and you should not dismiss any of it because you never know.
  • Your art is an expression of you and it's special to someone; essentially there is a marketplace for everything and everyone.
  • The world loves an underdog and a great success story. As an Indie you are already pushed way down and up against it but that is not a reason not to try or give up.
  • It’s you that sells the art not the art that sells you.

5.     5 things they should do?

·     Pay it forward always. Remember that you were that person who needed help with your thunderclap, your promo, GoFundMe campaign, retweeting, or guest blog spot once, cover art created, extras on set, extra hands on set, extra eyes to read your manuscript, and bodies to attend a gig in town. You should be more than happy to help someone else with all that as well. In fact, they shouldn’t have to ask you.   

·     Ask for help. As Indies I know one of the toughest struggles is the financial aspect of the equation. However, if you can’t do something that best represents you and your work, you will need help. As I said above, there is never an obstacle too high. There are always ways to get that help without burdening yourself. Funniest thing is, in just asking someone to help you, you are surprised at how often they might say yes or don’t worry about it.   

·     Be Professional. Even if this is a hobby, showing a grace, politeness, and treating this how you want it be perceived goes a long, long way. It doesn’t hurt to rise above anyone trying to bring you down, or start something for the sake of starting something. Being unprofessional tends to follow you.

·     Enjoy every moment of this ride. Why do something, if you can’t enjoy it? Find the core of the passion you possess and embrace it. I know so many people, who work so hard, get so discouraged by the numbers and perceptions of what you should feel, and never enjoy that they have actually done something. Truth of the matter is, not everybody defines success the same. There is truly nothing wrong with finding what you define as success and aiming for it. But remember, it’s a journey so appreciate that journey with every step and every thought. Then you must find that is its own reward.

·     Learn and Master Your Craft. Every day, every book, every script, every word, and every breath should be a learning experience. Sharks have to swim all the time to stay alive, well humans should have to learn all the time to stay alive. I don’t think I will ever be a master of anything but I have learned a lot and I try every day to use what I learn and get better. 

6.   What is the biggest challenge you’re facing now and how are you responding to said challenge? 

I think it’s the age-old Indie challenge of when do I let go of the safety net I have in my life and be confident enough to do tricks without it every day. I could easily walk away from what would be 24/7 GoIndieNow and Joe Compton the artist but I have responsibilities to my family and I am also still as I said learning. I will get there and the time will be right. Then again, if I wait for it to be perfect, I may never find my stop at the train station. So it’s that delicate balance. I am not getting any younger but I am  still comforted by the fact that I still have time and honestly I think I'm more free this way right now. I can play around, find what works, and not have the pressures of when will I be able to put food on the table or make that car payment. I am lucky enough to have a job and skill set that has given me opportunities to do what I love and find my way.
7.   You have a wonderful crew, how did you come in contact with them and recruit them for Go Indie Now?

I asked if they wanted to do it and they said yes. Honestly they are people I admire so much. I got this great bit of wisdom once from a famous Hollywood Director (I won’t name drop). He told me: “The best way to keep doing this, when all the bullshit has just been slung at you and all the shit has hit the fan, is to surround yourself with people you love, people you admire, and people you want to have fun with, then it never feels like work and nobody can take the joy away from you.” I have been lucky to have found those types of people in my life.

8.  Are there plans to take Go Indie Now on the road? 

HELL YES!!!! I wish I had all the time in the world to hit everything and anything but I have to be selective right now. But I promise, if you are somewhere that you would love to see GoIndieNow be, I will do my best to make sure I can be there sometime soon. It will happen, we will be out and about eventually.

9. If the Go Indie Crew had a team vehicle, what would it be and what would it be called? 

(laughing) Oh man probably an old RV or something. Would love a tour bus with the GoIndieNow logo on it but knowing this motley crew we would probably have more fun in the RV.  

10. What does it mean to you to be indie? 

Everything. I have been in the land of traditional in every aspect of art. There is nothing wrong with being there or being traditional but nothing more special than being indie about it either. It’s like playing poker and someone else is betting for you, all based on the cards you hold. I think sooner or later the freshness wears off and you start to realize you’re not making art anymore, you're just making money. Which is fine, if that’s what you want to do. It’s not what I want to do. Now don’t get me wrong I am not against making money either but I think there is a balance. So with that, I would like to be the one who decides when to go all in or muck my hand and wait for a better one.

11.  If you had a Go Indie Dinner Menu, name four plates on the menu and what would they include?
  • Do it yourself, all you can eat Salad Bar
  • Jambalaya – a mix of a bunch of ingredients that create perfect harmony together
  • Hot dogs smothered in nacho cheese and topped with bacon and a side of potato chips – A heartache waiting to happen, hey we are all going to go sometime so why not live it up
  • Homemade, baked to perfection churros – no good reason I just love a really good churro  😄

12. What is the greatest satisfaction of this effort? 

That people are enjoying it and want to be involved and that we are getting the word out there in a fun way about some awesome Indies.

13. What are some indie artists that have impressed you and why? 

They all impress me. They really do. Go watch all the episodes of our shows those interviews I have done, they are the long list of people who impress me.

14. Where can people find out more about you and how to Go Indie Now? 

Our website is We are going to be soon starting a news feed, guest blog posts, and that’s where you can access everything including how to be on our show and where to get all the wonderful gifts these Indies we feature are putting out into the world. You can follow us on Facebook at Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at That’s where all our shows are.  

* * *

As you can see, Go Indie Now is here to stay and if you're an indie author and want to find out more things indie, you need to check out Joe and the Go Indie crew. I thank Joe for being all sorts of awesome and for all the support he gives to all indies. Thanks for reading, and stay driven. 

Peacre, love, and maki rolls.


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