Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday Reviews: The Weightless One by Anaïs Chartschenko




Emotionally intense. 

Important to read.

All the words and phrases above serve perfectly to describe how I feel about the Weightless One. Yet again, Anaïs Chartschenko offers a brutally honest, intensely real, and disarming read. Unlike her previous collections, this is a poetic narrative that talks of a young woman who is battling an eating disorder, the reasons for it, the traumas that aggravated it, and the damage it can do in our lives. Language is never too elevated to ensure the point gets through... and boy does it. Some verses hit like a sledgehammer and the entire collection is written with the brutal unflinching honesty characteristic of this wonderful poet.

Chartschenko doesn't care if what she captures in words rattles you, makes you uncomfortable, unnerves you, or even hurts. She's not about making you feel comfortable... she's all about making you feel.

I think this is an important collection to share with people of all ages in the hopes that like some other works of art it helps people understand more about the challenges people with eating disorders face and how it can ravage not just one life, but several.

Raw, intense, real poetry for those who know that roses are not always red and want no puffery with their verses.

If you want to connect with this wonderful author, here are some links and by all means, tell her I said hi:


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