Monday, July 10, 2017

Give it to me hard

Oh my! How’s THAT for clickbait goodness? :)

So why the audacious title? Simple. I have a couple of observations, a request or three, and a giveaway proposition. A BIG one.

For years, I have been struggling to get more sales and more reviews. It’s one of several challenges an indie author has to face and part of the writer journey. I do pretty well at events, especially the Puerto Rico Comic Con. For the second year in a row, I sold out of Only Human copies. I also sold and keep selling quite a few copies of my 6 poetry collections, Shadow of a Human (the follow up to Only Human), my bilingual collection Twenty Veinte, and the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore from time-to-time, but throughout all this, reviews continue to be a challenge.

This isn’t speculation and more than just an observation, it’s a challenge within my writer journey and I want to face it head on. I know writing a review isn’t remotely enticing but it is the best way to keep growing and reaching more people, along with word of mouth recommendations. I’ve gotten to think that maybe some people don’t want to make me feel bad with a review because they didn’t like my work. Therein comes the title of this blog post: Give it to me hard… and I mean it.

If I can do something better, it is better to know than to wonder. So let me have it. You thought my books were too violent or not violent enough? Let me know. Think my books have too many characters? Tell the world. Regardless of what you like or don’t like, since I’m an indie author I pay attention to those reviews and what people say and take it all on board as best as I can.

So the main requests are to share your thoughts, to not fear retaliation, or worry that I feel bad. Let your opinion be felt. You’d be doing me a favor even with a bad review.

Which brings me to the giveaway proposition. With your help, I want to get to:

Only Human – 40 Reviews on Goodreads (currently at 24)
Shadow of a Human – 15 reviews on Goodreads (currently at 5)
Between the Tides – 15 reviews on Goodreads (currently at 2)
Dark Strands – 15 Reviews on Goodreads (Currently at 5)
Captured Moments – 15 Reviews on Goodreads (Currently at 3)
Black Tie Affair - 15 Reviews on Goodreads (currently at 3)
Roulette of Rhymes – 15 Reviews on Goodreads (currently at 1)
Pensando en Metáforas – 10 Reviews on Goodreads (currently at 0)
Twenty Veinte – 15 reviews on Goodreads (currently at 2)
Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore – 15 reviews on Goodreads (currently at 5)

Please note I say review and not rating. Although I appreciate the ratings immensely, I’m asking for full reviews. I know it’s a lot of effort, but the giveaway will be my way of justifying this milestone.

So what’s up for grabs?

A box with all 10 of my published books signed and dedicated to celebrate this victory. The books are valued at $130 and in case you’re wondering they’ll be sent to ANYWHERE in the world. That’s right, this giveaway is open to anywhere within this Earth where the means to receive a package exist, no exceptions. My only other request is that any review you post on Goodreads you share on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or on social media. If you do an unboxing video, you’ll also make my day big time (Just sayin :D ).

So there you have it. I’m asking you to give it to me straight. Give it to me hard. And help me become a better writer.

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

Updated on August 3, 2017

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