Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 - A breakthrough year

After I put up my report card for the year that’s closed, I always do a blog of what I expect for the new year. Last year I also wrote a mantra that though I didn’t repeat it every day, I did put it into practice. 

For this year, I have a new mantra:

“I believe in me. 
I believe in my work.
I am successful. 
I am grateful for every lesson.
I am paying attention. 
I am growing every day.
More and more people join me on my Writer Journey every day.
Forward is the way to go.
Now enjoy the ride.”

For some reason, I’ve always found it tricky to accept I am successful. It's always sounded kinda douchey and conceited in a way, but the reality is that success is defined by the individual and progress means there is some sort of success. So I may not be a NYT Best Seller… but for the first time I feel comfortable adding the word yet to that sentence above. As time passes and different types of people read my work, I realize I’m not half bad… and if people who kinda suck can be successful, then there’s no reason why I can’t breakthrough… and I honestly think this year will mean I have several types of breakthroughs… 

The plan shall be more concentrated this year as well and you’ll see with my goals below. Last year I nailed several goals even when circumstances weren’t ideal. It was a good reminder that sometimes you just need to stop paying attention to the ideal conditions you'd like to have and just do the thing. So here are my goals for 2019: 


1.Book 3 of the Human Cycle. Top of the list. Front and center. And get ready… it’s going to be intense. 

2. Collaboration with UK author Cate Evans– Cate is a good friend who has offered support a lot throughout the last several years. We hit upon a concept we thought could be fun to write and we got to writing a novel. It’s a dark comedy and a delight to write. 

3. Daydreams Vol 2. – I’ve mucked about this one for long enough. 2019 is the year.

4. Blanc Comics in book form– I am tweaking and adjusting this, but it is progressing and a project I believe in a lot. 

5. Philosophy coffee table book – text is written. Now I just need the artist to get his neurons ignited ;)


1. Poetry. Continue working on my collections. Several in the works and enjoying the process. No due date. Only goal is for these to grow… and last I checked it’s 5 collections running at the same time, because that’s how I write. 

2. More consistent blog writing. I do enjoy blogging and it’s part of my efforts to have a positive impact with what I do, so why not more of what makes me happy? 

3. Story arc for 3 series. I do enjoy doing research and there are 3 series I will be working in the future and want to work on world building for each of them. No specific goals, just want progress for all three.

4. Historical paranormal fantasy story. I had originally wanted this for Wattpad, but I will be tweaking this concept to do something different with it. This will include plotting, organization, character development, and world building. 

5. Concepts for Spanish fantasy middle grade books. I have been meaning to write more in Spanish and have 3 ideas in the works. Will begin organizing these as well. 

6. Contemporary comedy set within the advertising industry. Continue jotting down ideas and finalize the story arc. 

7. A special project with mom. Still pending but still in my mind.

8. My Noir Novel. Begin it.

9. Greek mythology project. Begin it.

10. More songs. Already have 2 new songs plus a couple of older ones I haven’t gotten to recording. 

11. Book Events. Have sent emails to participate in 3 events: Jordan Con, Atlanta Comic Con, and Puerto Rico Comic Con. Emailed Barnes and Noble to see if I can do an event. Will email 3 bookstores to get events. Wish me luck.


Get more reviews. I REALLY need your help here. Be it good or bad, please leave a review. It promotes sales, gives visibility, and helps out immensely. 

Website… progress will be made. 

Be on the best of year list of at least 10 people. ANY suggestion to get on this list is welcome.

Get nominated for somethinglol. Any help will also be accepted for this one. :D 

Estrada Crates. Sell 12 Estrada Crates in the year. That’s one per month. 
Humans 4 Humans. Organize my #Humans4Humans efforts more to have less activities and a more focused impact.

Release electronic music EP. Already have the first version of the tracks. Will tinker more with them soon… and a cover.

Record and release music. I have a pretty good bank of songs… wouldn’t mind recording and releasing, because why not? 

Social Media. Organize myself more to be more organized and also schedule social media breaks.  

So there you go, fellow humans. What do you think of these goals? Which are you looking forward to the most? What are YOUR goals? What do you think of the mantra? Any and all thoughts welcome. Wishing you a cracking 2019 with health, happiness, and success… because why not? 

Peace, love, and maki rolls.

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