Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 Rs can make a BIG difference

Before you go thinking I’m talking about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, let it be clear that I wish more people would practice those Rs, maybe a topic for another day and another post. For this instance however, I am not referring to world changing practices, but something much simpler.

Three little words

Three little Rs that with your help can help me connect with others.

Read - Review - Refer

There are many people who have bought my book and I’m grateful to each of them because it invites me to continue creating and connecting through my writing. I’ve heard great comments from people and positive remarks from many fantasy/sci-fi lovers who have chanced on Only Human.

The thing is that my books are one aspect of what I’m looking to achieve through my writing. When asked what I want to do with my life, I often say I want to create a positive impact, be it through my fiction, connecting with people, inviting someone to a cup of coffee, a conversation or a blog post.

You see, this blog was created mainly as another outlet and it’s become something else altogether and by speaking my mind, I’ve heard some things that have really made me think about how much I want to do to have a positive impact.

With Only Human, people have commented on various topics I touch on and I have had some very interesting conversations regarding gender roles, feminism, theology and general Gnosticism. People have also noticed many nuances in the book, literary references, allusions to my favorite artists, nods to my favorite authors and the occasional (or not so occasional) obscure movie reference.

Then there are people I’ve had the honor to meet through twitter, Google Plus or through this blog, who have interacted with me, who have shared some of their life stories and who have said that what I thought was a simple blog post, actually helped them. That right there... well that means the world to me. To know that something I wrote actually helped someone... that’s pretty special to me.

So by all means, if you’d like to buy my book because you love fantasy and sci-fi, then by all means, click here. If you read it and enjoyed it (or even if you didn't), by all means, share your thoughts with people. That’s what’s helped me to connect with others, sharing my thoughts. And third, if you read something on this blog that you think can actually help someone, please refer. 

Peace, love and maki rolls,


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