Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beauty has no age limit

During the last couple of years I have been fortunate enough to come into contact with women in their late 30’s, mid 40’s and early 50’s who truly prove that beauty has no age limit. These are women with brains, with libidos, with stiletto heels, with attitude, with panache, with style and grace.

Normal conventions of what’s beautiful need not apply, because we are coming into an age when women of all ages are embracing the females they are. That’s because age lines are sexy, that’s because staying healthy, keeping fit, being yourself, indulging in wine, having a few extra pounds and anything else you can think of is sexy… it’s sexy when it’s embraced because age truly has no beauty, no color, no ideal dress size, no social standing, no bank accounts and can come from anywhere.

One of my best friends is my senior by around 7 years and although a full fledged professional woman, she’s a girl because she enjoys life and has found someone who has helped her embrace the woman she is. She is young because of love and attitude. Also, every time she sees the mirror lying to her, she’s reminded to look past the first impulse and see all that is there. In truth, she could have done it by herself because every woman has the power to look past preconceptions and break down walls of imposed beauty requisites…. Because they’re false. Lucky for her, she married a man whom I look up to for being unabashedly in love with her, adoring her flaws and showing that real men are out there, and they rock.

There is no questionnaire for beauty and a woman in her forties can be just as sexy or even sexier than a woman half her age. And young women can embrace their youth and demonstrate wisdom beyond their years and also become even more beautiful. It’s not that one side of the age coin is better than the other, it’s that age is irrelevant in the sense that it doesn’t limit beauty.

That’s because beauty comes from inside. Time affects the outside facets of our lives… yet beauty comes from within. It comes from a deep well within a woman and it can run for a full life and have beauty to spare.

So regardless of your age, smile when you blow out an extra candle, because you have no need to wish for extra beauty or youth… because that’s already inside you.

Peace, love and maki rolls.



  1. And here it is... you have done it once again.

    We all know beauty is within, however our eyes sometimes are closed and are not able to see deep enough.

    Many times all we manage to see is what the mirror reflects back to us and even if the image is good, somehow we still dislike it.

    Call it vanity or insecurity, it's just hard to explain.

    Love the confidence of that friend of yours, obviously she is a lucky woman to have that kind of man by her side... we don't all get what we want regardless of how much we search for it, but still, there will always be someone in deeper need than us so, I guess I should consider myself lucky... (however work in progress it might be)

    Beautiful words from a beautiful soul.


  2. I finally accepted myself at this age, only today, and isn't it funny I stumble upon this post. Thank you from a girl who likes herself better today than when she was half her age and half her weight.

    1. That is a beautiful thing to read, and honestly, a woman comfortable in her own skin shall always be attractive. It’s wonderful to read that you like yourself better today because we can always get better ;) Cheers