Sunday, September 8, 2013

WIP marathon summary

Ok as was obvious to anyone who reads this blog, I’m horrible at keeping updates and with the WIP marathon in August, which was no exception. But I did want to write to share what I did for the month of August in a total tally just so I can be held accountable for what I said I would do and what I ended up doing.

Here are my goals and comments on each one:

Write 10 chapters of the sequel to my book (First Draft) (17K words approximately)

COMMENT: Although 4 chapters short of my goal, I think 6 chapters in one month is pretty solid and almost nailed a 20K mark while maintaining the day job, a happy wife, 4 freelance gigs and turning 33. :)

Finish short story that's been cruising for a while now (about 8K-10K words short... yeah "short story")

COMMENT: This sci-fi story is still pending, though to be honest, I didn’t feel like writing it, there were other things I was more compelled to write and didn’t want to force it.

Finish story arc for another narrative I've had marinating.

COMMENT: Still doing research for the book. This series will be massive and I keep jotting down notes. Actually looking forward to finishing about 8 projects to get cracking with this one. All in due time.

Write 4 chapters of YA book I'd had on hold

COMMENT: Another project I wasn’t compelled to write on at the moment because I want to get the right mood and this one is too special to force.

Write 20 poems (English and Spanish)
10/10 English
2/10 Spanish

COMMENT: Will actually be posting some of the poetry soon. It’s been great because they’ve all been spur of the moment. I don’t like to edit poetry much, I like to capture the moment.

Write 4 essays for a collection I'm working on (10K-15K words)

COMMENT: Actually, I didn’t write any of the essays I’d planned... I wrote 3 others. Have also been sharing on the blog.

Write 20 blog posts

COMMENT: Although 6 short for the month total, I think I did pretty good. Wrote in blogs I’d neglected for a while and will continue to do so.

So all in all, I probably wrote about 25K-30Ks worth of blogs, posts, chapters and poems. Not bad at all, although I can still do much better. Oh and I’m not counting tweets or the massive emails I share with other people, you could easily add about an extra 15K there lol.

Anywho, sorry I posted NO update, though here’s the tally. Let’s keep the writing going!




  1. Great job! And not bad at all :D

    1. hahaha I was just horrible keeping tab during the month. Just kept writing. :D Will do better next time around at least tweeting what I do. ;)

  2. Good Lord I'm lost just reading this post :/