Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Lilly needs some water and a helping hand

I’m a firm believer in offering a helping hand to good people when the going gets tough. I’ve been fortunate enough to have people offer such a hand to me and the very least I can do is pay it forward.

This past March 25, Women’s Professional Bodyboarder Lilly Pollard took off on a wave, got pitched by the lip and landed head first against the sandbar, fracturing several vertebrae in the process. Luckily some wonderful people were nearby who carefully took her from the water and lay her on the sand until assistance came.

I follow countless bodyboarders, among them Lilly.Although I’ll expand more on women’s bodyboarding in the future, suffice to say, she is a wonderful character, full of life and spirit, and I wanted to offer any help I could, hence me sharing this story with you and I thank anyone kind enough to read it.

So this is me, endeavoring to do my little bit to help Lilly and here are my top five reasons for doing so:

1. Like many bodyboarders, she is genuinely friendly, kind to strangers, is full of stoke and always has a class A smile to anyone who says “g’day”.
2.  She is a charger, often going on waves in conditions that would make many a bodyborder tremble, me included, Lilly truly shows that the sport I love is well and truly an equal playing field between men and women.
3. She’s one of a very few professional athletes who is openly bisexual and demonstrates that gender is a non-issue when it comes to being a stand-up human being.
4. I'd say she's bubbly as champagne, though being that's she's so cool, I'd rather say, she's bubbly like a nice cold beer, plus: she is an ambassador of a community that means a lot to me.
5. I think as humans, we think we are just one person and can we really make that much of a difference, I would most definitely like to try rather than just wonder.

So here goes, today I’ll be putting up money to help out her cause and I’ve put the link to her cause below.

If anyone else, yes, one person at a time would like to help as well you can click on the link or for anyone that would like to buy my book Only Human, for this week any new sale, I will donate all profit to Lilly's cause. If you happen to buy the book because of this post, please, send me an email to jdestradawriter@gmail.com with a screenshot of your buy and you’ll also receive a poem I’ll be including in a forthcoming poetry compilation not yet released.

To see Lilly’s cause, click here.

Only Human is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Thanks for taking the time to read and cheers to Lilly for a speedy recovery to get her back where the best lilies belong, in the water.

Peace, love and maki rolls

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