Friday, April 25, 2014

It isn’t fair

It is so common to hear this phrase in the every day speech of many people that I can’t help but agree. It isn’t fair that we get so many opportunities to smile. It isn’t fair that every single day we have the chance to enjoy countless experiences. It isn’t fair that with the mere investment of genetic material, a life is created with the potential to change the world.

It is completely unfair that we have so many opportunities to smile and enjoy life because quite often, people don’t give back to the life they’re given. We ask, we demand, and we squander many an opportunity just because things aren’t convenient.

Life has taught me that it is neither conventional nor convenient. It has taught me that it just is. Things happen; wonderful things at that. Surprises are given and life is there to be engaged if only you give it the chance to show you how marvelous it is and are kind enough to pay attention.

So next time you’re in a traffic jam, take that time to reflect, put on your favorite music, make up random lists or see just how much you can be silly with Siri. Next time you get a flat tire, take that opportunity to learn a new skill and either dryclean your clothes or get a new outfit. Every time something happens, look for the bright side and the positive because otherwise, you’ll miss out and that isn’t fair at all. 

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