Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beautiful mistakes

Sometimes wonderful things happen in life as an accident. Chefs are all too aware of the magic that can happen by having one ingredient fall into a recipe. The attitude is always of curiosity to see if it works or not and quite often, it works in wonderfully unexpected ways.

While showing my poetry compilation to a friend, he asked me what a certain word meant because he remembered correctly that the spelling to that particular word was different. When I check, there it is... a typo.

The initial reaction was anger since I’d proofread the book and when I triple check, the word exists. You see, I wrote burry instead of bury. At first I was mad, until I did like a chef does... and checked the definition to see if this new ingredient ‘worked’.

The result was a definition that changed the meaning of the entire poem for me in the best possible way. My “mistake” made the poem something truly special and the way it happened, even more so.

It just goes to show, greatness sometimes comes about from mistakes. 

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