Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get off your but

There is no word that is used more as a crutch than “but”. It is comfortable, short, fits in any sentence and serves to justify all the things people say they want to do, yet somehow find a way of not doing them. To me, it’s an ottoman word: small, comfortable and really not something you need in your life.

Try to imagine your life without buts. That project you’ve wanted to do for years, you did it. That weight you wanted to lose, you did. That resolution you’ve been dragging for half a decade, you achieved it.

But is an eternally passive, sticky, comfortable word that makes it all seem Ok. It liberates you from responsibility, passes on accountability to someone else and honestly, is the shortest, quickest way to offer an excuse. 

Still, right now when you’re reading this, you can take a conscious decision to toss but in the recycle bin and get serious about what you want. You want to be happy? You want to be successful? You want to be fit? What do you want? Ask yourself and be brave enough to answer from the bottom of your heart, then get cracking.

You deserve a life without buts, without if onlys, where you are in control and in power. Still, the but is always there for you to sit on because free will exists. It is your decision to do with your life what you wish and make a difference. 

Age is not the issue, weight is not the issue, gender is not the issue. Most things in life are a matter of will. 

So are you going to follow your gut and obey your will, or are you going to sit on that lazy but?

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