Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy problems

Life is full of all types of problems and some of them are truly wonderful. You could be exhausted from surfing too long, you might have run out of candy or cake because you shared it with someone or in my case, you might even run out of books to sell the first time you share it with the world.

I’ve noticed that people have all sorts of problems and that’s fine, it’s our right to perceive the situations in our lives as opportunities or problems and I totally get when people tell me that I can’t be positive all the time. They’re right. So I’m focusing on all of my problems and would like to share them with you.

  • I’ve run out of ink from being so inspired to write.
  • I’ve missed a phone call because I turned off my cell phone to enjoy dinner or lunch with my wife or a friend. 
  • I’ve had intense abdominal pain from laughing so hard.
  • I’ve had buzzing in my ears from going to a live concert and getting my mind blown away by Pearl Jam.
  • I’ve had an accelerated pulse from watching a fantastic boxing match or body boarding contest.
  • I keep running out of papers to write in my notebook from writing so much.
  • I’ve run out of space on my phone from taking so many wonderful pictures.

So you see; I really do have a bunch of problems because life is far from a cakewalk and I’m sure you have your own set of problems you’d like to share with the world. So by all means, share your #HappyProblems with me on Twitter @jdestradawriter.

Here’s to a life full of #HappyProblems


  1. love your problems...i share some of the above ...such an optimistic approach,love this post,brought a smile...great an,i wish you always are troubled by these problems.God bless.

    1. I hadn't replied to this, bad JD. lol. Thank you for the comment and I try to stay as positive as I can :D Cheers dear frand