Friday, October 3, 2014

Method to Madness: Switch it up

As a living being with a conscious mind, you have a brain that gladly reacts to stimulation. When you learn a new language or new skill, you engage untapped areas of your brain. Every time you do this, it is very likely you get a burst of creativity.

Being adults there are countless things that become second nature to us and in reality are opportunities we could use to engage our brain. Imagine yourself writing three sentences. You’re right handed and you can easily see your right hand swirling out words in reality or your mind’s eye.

Now imagine using your left hand.

When was the last time you did anything with your non-dominant hand? Studies have showed that people who carry out exercises with their “wrong” hand get wonderful bursts of creativity and start finding new wonders in their stories and projects.

It takes a great deal of effort to learn a new skill and five times as much effort when you learn it with your non-dominant hand. Imagine the workout your brain would receive each time you did this. Imagine how sharp your mind would feel. Picture the adventures your mind can have if you choose to go left instead of right.

For more information on the benefits you can get from this simple exercise, click here or here

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