Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thank you, may I have another

Manners should always be maintained. In these overworked times, where it’s par for the course to demand things immediately, manners are often lost on people.

It’s amazing the power a “thank you” has.

Good morning

Excuse me


These basic phrases from the realm of common courtesy are in danger of being lost in our day-to-day lives, whether in the office, at a store, a hotel or even a restaurant.

Everyone is so connected to their devices and consumed by their day-to-day that it’s easy to forget that although we have rights as clients, we are much more than clients and consumers. The people who take your order or assist you in a store are people and we are people.

None of us are robots or despots and should not behave as such since it is in such incredibly bad taste. Courtesy is taught through example and that’s one of the biggest challenges manners face.

Some people think a lack of tact should be met with the same. Although I do support everyone getting the respect they deserve, I also think it’s well within our boundaries to be kind or at the very least, civil.

Another thing is that you should mean it when you actually say thank you. Some people do it as a reflex and not much more. Manners and courtesy should be much more than a kneejerk. After all, if we lose manners and civility, what is there to differentiate us from your average politician?

So thank you for reading and please share this with people that need a kind reminder of how much we can achieve with a little bit of kindness. 

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