Monday, October 6, 2014

Taking back Mondays

Regardless of the general consensus and the abundance of evidence, 

Mondays do not suck.

Ever since grade school, people have developed an aversion to Mondays...

Because it "kills the weekend"

Because we have to go back to the routine

Because we have to wake up early

If you do a poll, I have no doubt Monday will be the least favorite day of the week by a landslide.

Regardless, every single week, Mondays push forth the world we live in. Mondays organize us, keep us grounded and quite honestly, put up with our whining. If you think about it, complaining about Mondays is exactly the same as complaining about the weather and about twice as pointless.

In addition, hating Mondays is as logical as complaining about trash and not picking any of it up.

So it’s pretty simple, you don’t like Mondays. 

So what are you going to do about it? 

Will you get a new hobby, do a positive action to pay it forward? Will you smile? Will you cover someone’s coffee? Because last I checked, most people don’t do much about Mondays, except bitch.

So ask yourself:

What do you want your Mondays to be like? 

When will you stop asking what Monday’s can do for you? 

What will we do to transform a case of the Mondays into a good thing?

And you want to know what the best thing is? You can choose a Monday to start the change. 


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