Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Driven Volume 2: Veronica Brannon

Drive comes in many forms and is expressed in many ways. What’s constant is that determination shines through and no is never an option. In the case of Veronica Brannon, when she has a project, she doesn’t stop. Being from Mexico and a resident of Tennessee, I met her because a few years back she got the idea to write a book, and did. No outside help, just grit and determination and her drive was one of the reasons I started following her, while her character and human qualities are what make me proud to call her friend. In the last few years, she’s explored a newfound passion for fitness and is one of a few people that have served as motivation to get my tuckus in gear and work out. Although FAR from her level or even close to it, she does serve as inspiration with her routines and how she’s supporting people with videos, contests, giveaways, and anything to do her part to share the drive and motivate people to get healthier.

With such a busy agenda, I told her I wanted to ask her some questions but to answer them rapid fire and straight to the point (unlike my rambling self). Below are the questions and her answers to show what makes her Driven.

1. For some time you have shown a deep interest in fitness. What is fitness in your life and what is it that you do?
Fitness for me is therapy. Fitness is an escape but also a passion that started 6 years ago. It's a way to take care of myself, first and foremost, but it is also an excellent stress reliever. Totally recommend it.

2. What inspires you?
Me. The desire to improve, and the knowledge that I'm capable of doing more.

3. How does life compare before and after you took up this passion?
Life is so much better now. Health wise I'm better, stronger, and confident.

4. You have a kickass workout partner, what can you tell us about Mak?

Mak is one adorable dog. He is loving and very social. He also thinks he is a lapdog... which he is not! He's always with me, very faithful and protective. Loves going for a run.

5. We met through writing, how does writing figure in your life, when did you decide to go for that and how does writing compare to fitness for you?

Writing is a hobby. I love it. It started about 3 years ago as a simple desire to create something, a story. So I did.

6. Would you ever write a book on fitness or a book with fitness as one of the topics you explore?

Probably not.

7. Your book, Tied up Heart, is a romance? Do you plan on writing more? If so, how do you balance it all out?

Yes, it is; contemporary romance if you want to be specific. I am writing, just not as much or as often as I should. I write when I feel it. At this point in my life, writing is a "want" while Fitness is a "need.”

8. You’re from Hispanic descent, can you tell us how that impacts your life, what you do, and how you do it?

I don't think it has much of an impact. I've been able to adjust just fine. I do keep my roots alive and have passed that onto my daughter.

9. We all have cheat days (some more than others), how do you reward yourself after all the work you put into life?
I reward myself with the things I like and enjoy but remember, balance is the key.

10. Men always have the impression they're stronger, what workouts would you give them to show we are equal?
Yoga. Nuff said.

11. Since you are a fan of wine, what would you call a wine made by you and how would it taste?
Tenacity. It would taste crisp, clear, clean.

12. If you had to do a 10 song playlist to workout, which songs would you choose and why?
My taste in music is so eclectic that it would be difficult to do that.

13. Where can people find you, info about you, and what you're doing?

I'm on most social media outlets and Beachbody website as well.

* * * *

My thanks to Veronica for her time and her motivation. If you want to see her definition of Driven, by all means, check her out on these links.





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