Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Just an indie author at the 2017 Puerto Rico Comic Con

It’s official, that makes it four years in a row where we go to the Puerto Rico Comic Con and it was as fun and as unpredictable as it could have gotten. Here’s the thing, if you think you’re ready for an event, if you’re sure you know how it’s going to flow, THAT’S when surprises come.

Being in the Artist Alley, you get to see some amazingly talented people during the convention, artists, writers, cosplayers, and beyond. It is a huge melting pot of geekiness and everyone is there to have a good time, and a good time we had.

I was able to take my two new poetry collections Black Tie Affair and Roulette ofRhymes and reaction even during the PRCC was extremely positive. While some people wonder why I take poetry to a Comic Con, plenty of other people were more than happy to snatch up a copy of something very different that they can’t find anywhere else. That’s what some people said about my booth and I take that as a huge compliment.

It was curious because actually quite a few people wrote me to apologize because they couldn’t make it to the Con. That these people felt inclined to write and say that is beyond sweet and I just want people to be Ok and to have a good time wherever they are. One reader even asked me what was new to purchase via Amazon. I can’t even begin to thank this person and everyone who swung by my booth and there were plenty of visitors. People of all ages, all genders, and all walks of life. People who wanted to get a book and many who just wanted to chat and ask how they could publish.

From the Con there are some wonderful stories which I’d like to share:

“The future writer” – One young future writer came by on Saturday, we talked for about 35 minutes and I told her how I got into writing, what it takes, and to go for it. I showed her a copy of the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore and then one of the hand stitched daydreams from my first Comic Con. I told her that it took a lot of effort and money and sacrifice, but that I took a story on a piece of paper, and helped make it into my first collection of middle grade short stories. She asked if she could have the printed daydream and I said yes, if she insists on writing and sharing her work with us.

“One of each” – Carlos had come before to my booth in other cons. He came specifically to buy books and the only two books he didn’t buy were Only Human and Shadow of a Human… because he already owned them. To quote him, he said: “Give me one of each of everything.” I ended up gifting him 3 of the 7 Blanc Comics as a small thank you but to hear someone tell me that my work is different and is worth sharing means a lot.

"My dog ate my homework.... and your book" - a lovely fellow artist in the Artist Alley brought me the copy of Only Human his dog chewed on. After laughing subsided, I dedicated what was left of the cover and also signed him a copy of Shadow of a Human. Always happy to hear when someone devours my book, I must admit. :D:D:D 

“The Box” – One reader came by, pointed at Dark Strands and said “this is one of my favorite poetry collections and this poem means a lot.” She signaled the poem The Box and said it reminded her of her dad. I told her I wrote it thinking of when dad passed away and his funeral. She said it was the first time she read something that showed someone understood. Misty eyes ensued, she bought a book, and I gave her a big hug and huge thanks for sharing that.

“Frands and family” – To know that I’m a must see stop for certain people touches the heart and soul more than I can effectively communicate. It’s a beautiful thing to get to see people and know that a random indie writer from the Island is a must stop. My framily also came to visit, a select crew of Geek Ricans who have been coming to see my booth since the first time I decided to go for it. Their year round support is a beautiful thing to witness and they along with all the people who support me mean the world to me. I also got to touch base with people I hadn’t seen since like last year and at times, the Con definitely had that summer camp feel to it. My middle brother also went with my nephews and it was awesome to see them have such an epic time. I also got to meet several other Puerto Rican authors and buy some must get books from the Con.

All in all, it was a beautiful time shared amongst friends and geeks and it just makes me even prouder to say I’m a Geek Rican. So til next we catch up…

Peace, love, and maki rolls 

PS.: Here are some more pics from the epic experience.


  1. I wish I had been there! It looks like such a fun time! I particularly like the story about the girl who loves the poem from Dark Strands. Being able to touch a reader that way is incredible, and it's beautiful that you not only achieved that but got to meet her. That's a moment that is irreplaceable. Love the pictures too. Great post!

    1. I would have loved to meet up and the plan is to do a couple things stateside, so who knows if I'll make it to Jersey lol. (one can dream right?). Her visit and comment on Dark Strands was very touching for me as well. Having someone share that means the world and I've had plenty of irreplaceable moments. Will be posting a Comic Con gallery on FB and Google + to share the good times ;) Thanks for reading, m'dear :)

  2. It was so much fun meeting you at the Con! I just finished the copy of Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore I bought and I am in love with it! Especially with how you created Malaise. You gave a structured image to a place I've only felt before. Thank you for that. Will be ordering more of your work! Thank you for your awesome!

    1. Thank you so much for swinging by and I'm extremely happy you enjoyed the Daydreams so much. It's a project I'm very fond of though hasn't gotten as much recognition as some of my other work and reviews haven't been as kind either lol (check out Goodreads to see what I mean). Malaise definitely tapped into that feeling we fall into, those sudden drops into not so great times and the idea of the daydreams in general is to give physical representations to feelings, emotions, and concepts more than anything, so thank you kindly for those lovely words about Draem. I'm actually finishing the second volume which will be even more in depth as we continue to build Draem one daydream at a time. Again though, thanks for this. I am always thrilled to hear when people enjoy that project :D