Thursday, June 22, 2017

What have you done for your fav indie writer lately?

When you’re an indie writer it is quite usual to run everything solo in one way or another. For me it goes a little something like this:

Write, plan, organize.
Write, edit, proofread, read again.
Write, edit, add, subtract.
Market, contact, design or work with a designer.
Format, edit again, adjust, format.
Sacrifice a chicken to the writer gods to get the manuscript done.
Clarify that I was just joking and that no chickens were harmed in the writing of the manuscript or this post.
And eventually,
I publish.

The freedom to produce what we want is liberating but it goes beyond the writing. It is also about how we connect with our audience and how they connect with us. We want to be accessible to our readers. We want to contact them on a more intimate level rather than a commercial one. In the end, every single result we have and goal we reach or fail to reach is on us. But with a little help and support, the chances of us being able to continue on this path and not sell out increases exponentially.

Which does bring me to the title question: What have you done for your fav indie writers lately?

Have you followed them on social media? You know some of us do some snazzy things online, and amazingly, we’re not constantly shoving our books down your throat (Socks and bananas anyone?) Maybe you told some other readers about those indie writers? Have you shared any of their posts? Maybe you left a comment? Maybe you clicked like and subscribe? Maybe you even dropped a review?

Authors supported by big name publishing houses get a lot of buzz and although the majority of the time it’s completely justifiable, other times it’s just a lot of hype. But wayyyy beneath those best sellers there’s a group of people gunning for it, going for broke with some of the best books I have ever read. Here’s the thing, like it or not, these writers need the buzz a LOT more than a New York Time’s Best Seller. There is no marketing department behind their success. There’s just them and their readers.

When you’re an indie anything, odds are high you have a job to pay the bills. Writing is our passion but it’s hard to make a living with it. Some people do, and I’m thrilled to see when a great indie writer makes it. But for a lot of us, being sustainable is a goal; hell, even just breaking even is a goal.

Luckily, there’s always the writing and many of us do find some sort of salvation in what we create. I know I have… and on plenty of occasions at that.

Still; every sale, every media share, every referral, and every review fuels us more than you know.

I don’t pay for advertising. I know I should, but working in advertising, I often ask myself if a company wouldn’t do better to invest time and money and effort into what they make. So I apply this to myself. Rather than pay for an advert, I send money to an artist, I buy a banner, I put in the time and effort to connect with people online.

That’s why every mention is a blessing. That’s why we are so thankful and even surprised by every review we receive. Because we didn’t pay for it. Because we didn’t force anyone to do it. So maybe I don’t get the numbers I wish for because I don’t invest in advertising. I’m not saying there isn’t truth to that, I’m saying I’d rather grow organically, through grass roots efforts more than a full blown marketing plan. I’m clear I need to promote my work better and I will be doing that in the coming months. I have 10 books out and more coming soon, so it’s up to me to make it fun and memorable and not too advertising-minded. I have a couple of ideas and I’ll be doing them, but this brings me back to the original question: what have you done for your fav indie writer lately?

I’m blessed to say that some people have quoted me, done reviews, shared on social media, bought my book, gifted my book, promoted my work, taken pictures with my works, done fan art and supported in so many ways… so although I’m far from being able to make a living off my writing, apparently I’m doing something right… and for now, that’s good enough :D

Peace, love, and maki rolls


  1. Great post, J.D.! I completely agree with you. Thanks for all that you do and for always doing it with a great big smile :D You rock!

    1. Awww too sweet, my dear friend. I always do my best to read, review, refer, support, and have a ton of fun while I'm doing it :D Wishing you the absolute best always and rooting for awesome you :D