Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday Reviews: An Ogre's Tale by Lilian Oake

If you're ever in the mood to read a throwback fairy tale, might I recommend this wonderful quick read. An Ogre's Tale reads like something from another century and I'm not saying this as if the material feels dated or tired. Quite the contrary, rather than tackling a completely new aesthetic, An Ogre's Tale feels as if it had been included in a collection of classic fairy tales. It flows in that style, has clear moral lessons and offers food for thought. Although anyone from any age can enjoy this tale, I think it's ideal for those book loving kids that almost seem like small adults.

My reason for the 4 stars would be in part because it telegraphed certain plot points a bit too much, but even so, a highly enjoyable read and if I took a further step, I insist this is the perfect library book for kids. To be read on their own, to have it read to them, to read in a group, to pay late fees on because they don't want to take it back to the library.

My only other observation would be that I would have liked just a bit more development of the characters. I think a bit more development of the characters would go a long way to making something even more special. That said, it's still a wonderful read and Oake should definitely consider penning an entire collection of fairy tales one day. Although other works by her might have a different feel, there is a place for throwback classic fairy tales, and she can fill that space with style. 

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