Sunday, August 6, 2017

The clockwork randomness of 37

Birthdays are a curious thing. Although mine is still a week away, I wanted to write about it before and after the fact of when I turn 37. 

37 is an odd kind of a number and not just because it's odd. It's nondescript and looking up on Wikipedia, it shows that it is the number of plays written by Shakespeare if you count Henry IV as 3 plays (which seems pretty much a cop out; it is the number of Great Nats traditionally worshiped in Burma 
(how's that for random);  and it is also the number that people are most likely to state when asked to give a random number between 0 and 100.

That last entry is by far my favorite wikifact on the numeral because it is a random number and I do pride myself on being random. People keep asking me what I will do for my birthday or what I want for my birthday. The first question is to have fun, to smile, and have a good time. I will be going to a concert on Sunday, one of my favorite things to do. Earlier in the week I will be going to another concert (I did say that I love me a concert, so why not double down?). I will also be going to the movies and the plan is to try a couple of new interesting places to eat and to see new sights. All some of my favorite things.

As for what I want? I'd honestly like to go to the beach and surf. I'd like to see mom as well as my closest friends. I'd also like to write and that last one seems the most likely to get done because it's within reach while the others will have to wait, though not long (crossing fingers).

Which inevitably brings me back to writing (as do most things).

What do I want?

To write more, to reach more people, to get one step closer to sustainability. It seems rather pragmatic an answer and even slightly dull in comparison to what some people wish for, but we don't always need to wish for outlandish things or swashbuckling adventures, although I do end up finding myself in random adventures from time to time which I always enjoy.

A while back, I wrote a post titled "Give it to me hard", where I basically ask for a call to arms for anyone whose ever read me to post a review on Goodreads and anywhere else they can so I can achieve goals and even do a big 'thank you' giveaway. If you want to learn more about the goals, click on the title of the blogpost so you can bypass the clickbait goodness of the title. But it is true, I wouldn't mind some additional reviews on my work and for anyone to tell at least one person about me and to check out my work. But it feels silly to wish for that on a birthday. To spend a birthday wish on that. I could also make a sale of my books, but they're already $2.99 and although knocking off $2 would probably get me a couple of sales, most of the profits would go to Amazon and I'd just focus on sales numbers and people doing a pity buy, which would bring mixed emotions at best.

Which leads me to other thoughts, if $2.99 is a price that still keeps people on the fence, then I have to write better and if I continually have to cope with not getting reviews, it means I haven't earned those reviews and must do better. Or it might not mean one or the other. It might just be two aspects of my writer journey, which brings me back to my birthday which is on the 13th.

What do I want for my birthday? And the fact is I don't know what I want for my birthday. Life has a quirky way of surprising me and I wouldn't mind more of the good surprises. Damn the script. Damn the plans. Let's just have some fun, whatever that includes, and I'll admit... I wish I felt like that every day of this week.

So here's to good times, good friends, good surprises, good reads, good writes, good times, and of course, peace, love, and maki rolls.


Ps: How often do you wish for something on your birthday when you blow out the candles? How often do they come true? And what's your favorite type of cake?


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    1. loved the deep thought that goes into 37 and most definitely will say 57, either to go against the tide or in honor of Heinz :D