Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore Episode 4: The Dancing Heart Compass Pt. 3

* * *

A lovely smell of ginger blossoms, lavender and sandalwood permeated the air as three figures glided smoothly on soapy heels across a smooth stone trail. Their movements seemed perfectly in sync as they skated on their large soap bars.

Claudette had her boot slung over her shoulder and held her parasol like a hockey stick as she did elegant strides. Silent Feather was also quite graceful in style, barely registering noise as she glided effortlessly across the mossy plain. J.D. however was a little more on the enthusiastic side and pumped intensely, launching off stone ramps strewn along the mossy trail and doing anything you could to be completely conspicuous.

Still the leader of the pack was Silent Feather as she held onto the heart compass, which pointed straight ahead. Looking straight ahead, a large fence popped into view, which seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. This obstacle prompted them to slow down until they came at a full stop at the foot of the fence.

Looking at their soapy skates, Claudette was thankful for the stop. “Good thing for this fence, we’re running low on soap.”

“What do you mean low?” asked J.D. “There’s plenty left.”

Claudette clicked her tongue. “Typical man. To call a nub a bar of soap, I’m surprised more of you lot don’t stink as bad. There’s no way you can get a proper skate or a proper wash from that.”

They looked on the red wire fence, wondering what their next move could be.

“What now?” asked Silent Feather. “I suspect we can’t chew our way through.”

As soon as she said it, J.D. got a look in his eye Claudette recognized. “What did she say?”

With a grin on his face, he knelt down to the wire and actually gave it a lick, which actually caused him to laugh out loud.

“What is it?” asked Claudette.

“Rhubarb wire,” he stated simply. “My dear friend, it is in fact by chewing that we will get through this obstacle.”

“Good,” said Silent Feather. “I’m starving.”

After a few good chews to get through the fence and a few more for the purpose of nourishment they passed onto the field. The grass was wonderfully soft under their bare feet and they began to see a field with fruit trees and vegetable patches surrounding a middle garden with about thirty lush trees of different color leaves. The temperature was pleasant and as J.D. looked around wondering whom they were there to see, he began to hear a melodious humming of music, danceable music; salsa music.

A mound of wonderfully fluffy hair seemed to be humming on its own and the trio now saw a young woman with glasses, green eyes and soft white skin dancing with a basket in hand. She twirled between the trees and gave them all loving looks that seemed motherly in their nature. Her movements were graceful while at the same time full of fun and in front of every tree, she would put down her basket, offer a dance in front of it and embrace the tree lovingly. Each tree would respond by hugging her back with their long branches before putting some of their fruit in her basket.

When she noticed her new company, she flashed a smile and rushed to Silent Feather and Claudette hugging them breathless. “It’s so good to see both of you!!”

The two other women tried their best to reply but as thin as she was, this young lady had quite the grip.

“What are you doing here?” she asked after releasing her friend from her mighty hug. “And who is this?”

“Katya, this is J.D., J.D., this is Katya.”

“Nice to meet you,” said the young man with a nod of the head and a kind smile.

“Ah! So he’s the one who needs our help to save his beloved.”

“Precisely,” answered Claudette.

“Nice to meet you, J.D. and don’t worry, we’ll help your love.”

At that moment, J.D. was able to fully appreciate that one can hold back tears even in dreams and was only barely able to muster a very grateful thank you.

“So now that we’re here, where to J.D.?” Claudette asked.

“We have to go to Malaise to free her.”

All three women remained silent. They’d heard of Malaise, but had never thought they would visit the town of broken dreams. Actually, they didn’t even know how to get there.

As if able to read their minds, J.D. spoke up. “Getting there would be tricky because it’s a roaming town that feeds on sadness in dreams.”

A bit confused, Claudette asked the most natural thing: “So how do you pretend to find it?”

J.D. turned from the young trio and walked for two full minutes away from the Abrazo Field. After he’d cleared the last vegetable patch by at least forty yards, he turned around and faced them with watery eyes. “It’s quite easy to find. Hope you’re ready.”

The wells of his eyes then released two tears, which dove gracefully from his eyes until they fell on the ground with a noise much too large of a thud to be a normal tear. “You might want to hold on,” he added.

With no warning, the ground began to shake and tremble and all four of them held on to each other just to not fall.

“What’s going on???” yelled Claudette trying to be heard over the ruckus. 

The worst part wasn't the shaking, it was how calm J.D. was.


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