Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just be-cause

Although it’s good to support a large cause, it’s also good to support smaller, more individual causes, because face it, sometimes we need a hand.

Earlier in the year, I wrote a post about professional bodyboarder Lilly Pollard and her cause. I said whatever I made off my book, I’d donate and I was able to donate a small amount ($40 US), which was a grain of sand that helped her achieve the goal she needed to get to. I wrote on that occasion because I realized that if I could use words to help someone out, it wouldn’t be the only time. (Btw, update on her progress will be forthcoming, probably tomorrow).

Recently, a friend I actually met through writing was in a very bad car crash. If you’ve ever been in the US, you can imagine that any type of help you can get for treatment, it’s a godsend. Kym Davis is a lovely graphic artist who works in advertising and in her heyday actually had a super fun blog I followed regularly when I worked at places where the term firewall would probably refer to someone lighting something on fire, probably a wall, though that's just me mincing words. Following the trend earlier this year, I wanted to give another shoutout and put any proceeds of my book up to her treatment. I already posted $40 and again, it’s a little grain of sand that can help her on her road to recovery. 

So here it is, for one week starting on Monday July 28 to Sunday August 3, all proceeds from Between the Tides and Only Human go to help Kym to pave the road to recovery.

Cheers, thanks for reading and thanks for caring. 

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