Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sleight of pen

In its traditional sense, magic is all about misdirection and illusion. You look in one direction while the trick occurs elsewhere to make you go ooh and ahh.

Writing is magic.

One of the most common questions writers get is where do we get our ideas? It’s as if people think ideas appears as if by magic... and you know what? They’re right.

I think there’s a reason why so many writers experience some type of insecurity. Sleight of hand. While we do create stories that others can enjoy, that doesn’t mean we don’t put a lot of who we are into those pages. Between every word and on every single page, we bear scares, pick at wounds and tap our deepest emotions to express some of our deepest feelings through our literary children who suffer the pain of their creator.

Yet the story is the magic and flare. It’s what happens to keep you entertained while we do our best to keep sane as often as possible. Stories are fueled by truth... even the most fantastic of tales have truth embedded in their words.

And that’s just half the magic. Another definition for magic includes the use of unknown forces, words and incantations to cause something to happen miraculously. Writing is also this type of magic because through words and stories, we are able to relate and connect. We are able to share emotions and we are even able to find meaning in our lives through the words some other person wrote.

Through sleight of pen, truth flows from a willing hand to create something unique, something that starts of being mine... and through the magic of words and the kindness of readers, it becomes ours.

So like I said, writing is magic.

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