Saturday, February 28, 2015

I’m happy Spock has passed away

“A life is like a garden, perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.” – Leonard Nimoy.

As a writer, I’ve occasionally asked myself what my final words would be though in all honesty, it’s not like you can script such a feeling. Like many things in life, I suspect that when it’s time to go, some lucky few just know. 

In Science Fiction, Leonard Nimoy was a giant. A wonderful, stoic, pointy eared giant. One of the most prolific representations of pure intellect, Spock resonated with many a person who wanted to look at life objectively, cerebrally. Regardless of what happened, it always seemed Spock was in control of his actions, and his actions in and out of character spoke volumes of the human spirit.

As the Vulcan, Nimoy portrayed a character who was half Vulcan, something that more casual fans didn’t know. In this combination of Vulcan intellect and human emotion, we have Spock. A brilliant science officer, his feelings were what made him amazing. Those moments when the brilliance broke to show that hope, that emotions, that a heart can exist even in the most cerebral human being.

In other roles, he truly did push Sci-fi to the forefront of many people’s consciousness. People who never watched any series or any movies still know the quote “live long and prosper”.

I can still remember learning how to do the Vulcan hand greeting... It was hard at first and I was so proud as a kid when I was able to do it on command and with either hand. I chuckle as I recall each and every time someone did a Vulcan neck pinch joke. It still gets to me.

As mentioned above, something very typical for Spock was control. As an actor, Nimoy always seemed in control of one of those trademark voices you can honestly listen on for hours. Think Morgan Freeman and you can understand. It was raspy, deep and projected exactly what Spock should be.

As I see the outpour of emotion on the net and from friends, I realize just how much Star Trek connected many of us and how much Spock resonated with people. As a person, you see so many lovely things from him and you see him in interviews and can’t help but like the guy. I definitely feel as if Nimoy was the human aspect of Spock. He was funny, warm hearted, yet always seemed in control. He projected a confidence that would make it easy to believe he could take anything in stride and respond kindly and in control. The type of human who could take an insult, accept it and ask the person who dealt it what was the need for those harsh words, even if they were true.

Part of me is honestly sad because he passed away. I see yet another person I would have loved to meet pass away. The funny thing is that he was 83 and it still feels as if he passed away too young.

Reading my various feeds, I’ve seen lovely tributes and people truly putting their heart on their sleeves. One particular quote got me thinking: “We lost a Lennon.”

Now to any music fan, that may even border on heresy... but I see the point. In the case of John, he was taken from us too soon, literally, so in that case, the comparison falls a bit short. NImoy was able to live a full life. As many have said, he lived long and prospered, something that even if it becomes a cliché, I don’t mind. It’s fitting that such a quote would be linked with his life. Going back to the quote, John Lennon did touch millions of lives with his music, with his words, with his actions and with the idea of who and what John Lennon was... that’s when the quote makes sense to me.

Spock was an idea, a tangible idea of supreme intellect with human emotion. It was showing that we should always strive to know more without sacrificing what we feel. Spock was as fearless as he was loyal and he would do anything to save the crew... which he did. He was beautifully human as was the actor that brought him to life.

When Spock died, I think every Star Trek fan was torn at the heart. In the search for Spock, we learn that his spirit lived on within Bones McCoy as a katra (something that almost killed the ship doctor in the process but that’s beside the point). In a dangerous process, eventually the katra is reunited with the body and Spock returns.

Right now there are millions of people with a katra within... we are united by our love for a dear friend who united us, who invited us to live long and prosper and to be painfully, wonderfully, beautifully human. Today we are united even if it did cost us the passing of yet another lovely person.

And for that I am thankful. For the invitation every day to go where no man or woman has gone before.

Peace, love and maki rolls,